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32 yo…

Low estradiol

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Please check oral body temperatures to eval overall thyroid function as per thyroid basics sticky.

AM cortisol at 8AM please
if body temps are low:
fT4 [please not T3, T4]

Your SHBG is high for your low E2 level. If you do TRT, high T levels may push SHBG down. Your TT level is been inflated by T+SHBG which is not bio-available. Few doctors will see that your T status is lower that TT=438 indicates.

Your weight problem is from low T and perhaps thyroid.

thanks - i have read the HPTA re-start. Or should i try the doc’s 25mg EOD, which is similar to the sticky, then reduce to every other day as i taper off?

I will do the body temp thing - thanks.

Body temp 96.2 …!