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Testosterone Esters and Aromitization: Broscience?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if switching from Sustanon 250 as my TRT ester to Testosterone propionate would make any differences in terms of conversion to estrogen? Can i expect less estrogen? I already inject EOD because of my extremely low SHBG.

Sus is a mixture of short and long esters making it harder for E2 management IMO. If you are having E2 issues switching to a primarily long or short ester should make things more predictable.

Thanks for the input, but doesn’t really answer the question though.

I don’t think your question can be answered, there’s no way anyone here can know if changing esters will cause you to produce less estrogen. I always recommended daily injection for very low SHBG guys since free hormones (Free T/Free E2) tend to be very high.

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