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Testosterone Ester

The enanthate ester can be used in the same way as Sustanon. The propionate ester is preferable, and can be taken daily up to day 10. A reasonable level is 75-150 mg/day, loading on the first day with 3-4 times that dose to immediately give the levels that you’ll be sustanining (later days have not just the steroid you injected that day, but also several times more left over from previous days, and to match that on the first day, you have to inject more.) Personally for brief cycles, I like for the total dose to be at the gram per week level… since the time is short, the rate of gains should preferably be fast. (And, to tie in with another message, no, if you’re way above your natural limit, then you won’t get a fast rate of gains at a gram per week… but you will if you are natural or have not gotten far past your estimated natural limit.)