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Testosterone/Equipose Second Cycle

Sup guys, I finished my first cycle a little time ago, and plan to start a new one in some weeks. From my previous cycle, I really loved test, so I decided to make this the cornerstone of my second cycle as well. The thing I noticed a little in previous cycle was times of lack of hunger, making it harder for me to eat all my calories. Therefore I decided to throw in equipose as well for this cycle, and hope it will give me those “munchies” people are talking about.

Anyways, here goes the cycle I am planning to run:

Wk 1-17 Test E 750mg/wk
wk 1-15 Equipose 400mg/wk
wk 19-22 Nolva pct

Current stats:
Weight: 250
Height: 6’4
Age: 23

Deadlift 610 pds
Bench 340 pds
Squat 420 pds

You are alot stronger than your size suggests - is that your focus? Strength?

Anyway, i dont like it… the ‘fashion’ (you simply MUST try it darling, you simply MUST… it’ll fit like a dream…) ATM is shorter cycles but
in your case, for a second cycle you are unlikely to be utilising all the test over ALL the weeks.

You’re a big (tall with half decent build i’d guess as i guesstimated that is my weight if i was 8" higher (7lbs per inch innit?)) lad… but the length of time on is only going to suppress you longer, giving you a harder time recovering from your tamox PCT.
I have recovered perfectly well from 6 week Deca cycles… that should put my point across perfectly.


My focus is a mix of strength and size, I want to grow a huge relatively lean frame with a lot of power.

It’t not so much a fashing thing with the EQ, I would say my decision to use it, is more based on reading steroid profiles and logs. I am very interested in extra appetite and the extra amount of red blood cells it will release.

My plan with this cycle is to combine it with huge amounts of food, and try to gain a good amount of weight, especially around the chest and shoulders, since I feel my bench press is a little weak compared to my deadlift.

Reason for the length of the cycle is that I have been told that equipose doesnt reach to its optimal performance without running a long cycle, and as said I really liked the properties that drug has. Another reason is also that summer is coming up around the time I finish the cycle, and with as little sun as we get in my God forsaken country, I might as well be a huge bastard when I can take off my shirt once a year at the beach ;p

So do you think a pct with only nolva wont cut it? I can always invest in some hcg, or clomid, if you dont think nolva will be appropriate what do you suggest?

I am certainly a fan of the shorter length cycles, and I would much rather see you break this up into two ten week cycles. Front load the EQ and the test run it for 8-10 weeks. Depending on your doses your are guaranteeing suppression for atleast an extra two weeks after you stop pinning.

You could also look into GHRP-6 for appetite stimulation it works wonders for me!

I didnt look much into peptides, but I will take a read about GHRP-6 ;p

Its good stuff, decently priced, depending on the source. I have never used EQ so I cannot speak to the hunger craving, but either way I would not run your cycle for that long.

Thats quite a long cycle, I agree with the previous posters on this one, a friend of mine ran a similar cycle to this about 2.5 years ago, a little longer actually, test for 20 weeks, eq for 16, horrible idea in retrospect, but he was living in the moment, young, dumb, and vain. Point being, its been 2.5 years and he says hes still not 100%, hes done other cycle before and after but he credits this one to being the one that “fcked him up long term”. EQ did give him the “munchies” and his vascularity was out of this world but if ur not at a low bf, dont even waste your time