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Testosterone:Epitestosterone Ratio on TRT

My question is if i suffer from primary hypogonadism (testis failed) and receive TRT will my ratio be greater than the 6 to 1 level, that is set to detect doping in urinalysis.

Im thinking that because 50 % of epitestosterone is produced by the testis and mine are knackered .Will the addition of exogenous testogel (testosterone) be enough to significantly bias the ratio in excess of the 6(t):1(e) due to little to no production of epitestosterone. The theory i’m thinking even a small trt would be indicated as abuse on a work place drug test.

So how could they quantitfy the abuse properly by looking at the ratio, if epitestosterone is not produced naturally. That is, as im on a trt prescription i might as well top up above prescription , because detection is only quantified on the T/e ratio. Then i show the work place testers my prescription and hopefully not get sacked.

What do you think?

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