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Testosterone Enethate 2 Weeks, No Gainz

250mg of test e twice a week. Adex .5mg every injection… I’m really disappointed. Yesterday would make two weeks.

Things I have noticed…
-Sense of well being has gone up
-More confident… More assertive
-Sex drive has drastically gone up… I seem to want to fck anything that walks.
-Pumps are much easier to attain
-Strength has gone up in certain lifts but not by much at all.
-A tad bit more vascular
-Appetite has increased a little.

I have not noticed any changes in my physique at all really. Sometimes I feel a little more full but that is it…

be patient and eat better

My diet is great… Not counting carbs and fats but I know I’m getting enough protein and I’m eating enough quality food.

ah, if I had a pound for every time…

Care to elaborate ? .

not particularly, no. Good luck with your cycle.

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Well if you’re saying I’m stupid for not counting I’m bulking and putting on mass. My diet is great. It’s all good quality food. I count my protein and fill the rest up with carbs/fats depending on what I’m training that day.

Any other responses? How long does it usually take when you guys run test solo?

Bro, in your other thread you are all jacked after four days and arguing with Flip when he tells you it’s all in your head, then you argue about your pct, and now you argue with Yogi about having no gains - you’re manic! Instead of juicing, get some Zoloft and stop posting.

I didn’t argue bro. I think I don’t communicate clearly online. People getting negative vibes. Wasn’t arguing about PCT either… I’m just really curious man. I want people on these forums to elaborate more. I’m dabbling into this new world and I’m really curious about all these things.

You come off as a huge spaz and now a know it all. Take a deep breathe, do your thing for another 4 weeks and come back and report.

Told you it was a placebo effect.

2 weeks is not long enough to have made substantial gains in strength. You shouldn’t have expected that to be the case. If you did expect it, it means you didn’t do enough reading before you started (which was obvious in the first place since you were convinced you were seeing effects 4 days in).

Maybe eventually you’ll eat some humble pie and start listening to people who know much more about these things than you do.

In the meantime, my best advice to you is patience. Don’t analyze the results of the cycle until you’ve run the whole thing, and you’ve been off the drugs for at least 2 months. That’s when you can determine your real results. Your impatience tells us all we need to know about how much success to expect from you, unfortunately.

Best of luck anyway.

Low dose test for 2 weeks. You say you notice more vascular but not much noticeable gains???
Noticeably more vascular! Those are noticeable gains…
Anyways… you sound confused
2 weeks dude! Had you done your homework you would know not to expect to start seeing results just yet ad you’re bantering back at seasoned vets
Chillax a bit