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Testosterone enanthate

Does injectable testosterone enanthate work by getting stored in the bodys fat cells? If so, what happens if a user only has 2% bodyfat?

Where in the hell did you hear that? It works just like any other testosterone ester. Enzimes in you body seperate the test from the ester so it can bind to the androgen receptor. You dont inject it into fat, you inject it into your muscle. I suggest you learn a lot more about steroids before you even think about using them.
2% body fat eh. Are you sure about that?

I have absolutely no intention of injecting it into my fat.I do know the difference between subcutaneous inj. and intamuscular inj.,thank you. What i obviously meant was that esterified testosterone gets stored in the bodys fat-cells THROUGH THE BODYS OWN NATURAL MACHANISMS AFTER HAVING BEEN ADMINISTERED INTRAMUSCULARILY! Einstein…

Sorry about the flame aron. I guess I did’nt read your post very well. Now I see you were just asking if it works by getting stored in body fat. I’ve never heard anything like that before and I dont think it is true.

Your internal organs require a certain amount of body fat in order to function. The effects of no body not enouph body fat are different for men and women but they are serious. In men the minimus is around 5% and women is a little higher, like 8% - 10%. If someone man or women had a body fat percentage of only 2% they would be in the hospital not the gym.

well…read greg zulaks article called “rating the testosterones” if you are in disbelief. you have to go a few issues back to find it.
What i m wondering is: how can esterified testosterones have any effect if there isn t anough fat in the body? is the 5% someone mentioned enough? I think this question also becomes important if a bodybuilder is getting ready for something like a contest or some other kind of event where he has to be ripped. I know that faster acting steroids are usually used towards the end of the diet, but some still rely on the effect of esterified testosterone.

in the hospital? really? well…i ve never heard of any CONSIDERABLE amount of bodybuilders being transported to hospital after each Olympia-contest. As we all know, these guys fat-percent is around 2%…It is only temporary of course…I know what you mean.But what im wondreing is what happens to the esterified testosterone if there isn t enough bodyfat?It does stay put in bodyfat!check it.

pros arent 2%, more like 5 or 6 . Of course Ronnie Coleman said he was 2, and he doesnt even do steroids!

Pros sit around 3-3.5% not 2% and not 5% The body can only get down to a little less than 3%. At that percentage, the only remaining fat is around and in between your internal organs.

Body percentage is a sham regardless. Once you are below 7 or 8% there is no way to correctly measure bodyfat.

As you know, 200 mg of testosterone enanthate
will dissolve in only one mL of oil, so there
can be no issue of there being insufficient
bodyfat to dissolve the steroid.

It is correct that at any given moment, the
vast majority of the steroids that have been
injected are dissolved in fat rather than
being dissolved in the blood in the free
state, or bound to protein.

BTW, my apologies for being absent from the
board: I had two consecutive illnesses
spanning 3 weeks, the latter one being
pneumonia, and have really been out of it.
Worst part is I dropped 15 lb!!! I hope
to get it back quickly though: I’m about
95% recovered from the pneumonia at this point.

Don’t ask me how you can get pneumonia
in North Florida, but I did.