Testosterone Enanthate

How long does it take for test e to start becoming active in the body after it is injected? I heard about 5 days but I’m not sure.

Half-life of Test E is about 8 days.

Many people report not being able to really feel the benefits until week 4-5.

Feeling it is a very subjective thing. When I used to cycle off and on whenever I would re-start I would frontload and I’d see the lbs increase and feel it within the first week. Some people claim it takes them a month to see and feel it. Frontloading certainly helps decrease the break-in time.
This might be a semantic point as well but the test e is active the moment you inject it. Im not sure you were asking a question about half life. But yeah its active when you stick in it.
Couple figures and fact FYI: Unlike most of the copy and paste internet based half life calculations I disagree strongly with whats out there in terms of half-lifes. I subscribe to the belief that with a small degree of variance an ester’s half life is best calculated by multiplying carbons times the figure .7. So in the case of test enanthate I would assert there is a 4.9 let’s just call it 5 day half life. This is why enanthate’s are usually recommend to be taken at no less frequently than twice a week/E3D. If you use this calculation for everything is really gives you a reliable milemarker.
The other question to ask is how much product do we lose to the ester weight. The findings I have come to accept is that enanthate is about 28% by weight. In other words, you get 72% of whatever is it you are shooting. In other words, 200mg of test enanthate is actually 144mg of test via this calculation. So when someone speak running 500mg/wk of test e lets say they are really getting more like 360mg of test a week.

I feel a shot of Test E 250mg the second day. I felt a shot of Test D 250mg the second day. It’s all subjective. My lifts were going up easier and I was doing much more sets. Some will say it’s mental, but for me, it’s right away.

What saps wrote is a quality post and I agree 100%. When I used test E i was experimenting, I tried once a week at first, and once every four days a couple weeks after that. I was much more “emotional” from aggression to depression. I bumped it up to once every third, and it all disappeared.

More frequent is always to be preferred. Enanthate can be E3D but EOD keeps levels even more stable. Propionate can be EOD but ED keeps levels more stable. Acetate can be ED but I honesty know more than one person who hits it every 12 hours.