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Testosterone Enanthate vs the Actual Testosterone In It

Obviously it states on the 10ml vial 250mg/ml.

I read in another forum that you need to draw more than 1ml to get 250mg of actual Testosterone as the ester is not pure. Apparently 1ml of Test E = 172mg of Test.

Can somebody confirm this?

With this said, if true. Then have most of us been underdosing? As I mentioned in my other thread, I’m doing my second pin tomorrow and might bump up the dose if this is really the case.

EDIT: nvm, these esters stack up after using for a period of time:

Steroid esters with a longer carbon chain weigh more than shorter esters such as acetate or propionate. With the longer esters taking up more space, there is less room for the steroid itself. Testosterone Enanthate contains 55% testosterone with the other 45% being made up of the enanthate ester. A typical 200mg dose of this steroid will yield 110mg of testosterone, while 200mg of testosterone propionate contains 148mg of actual testosterone. Steroid esters with a higher half-life than enanthate will weigh even more and even less of the steroid will be present.

It is recommended to schedule injection times based on the half-life of the drug taken. When dealing with long acting esters, levels of the steroid will generally build up over time. When the steroid has reached it’s half-life, half of the original dose is gone, and another dose will be taken. After a few months of this, the level of the steroid in the body can become extremely high.

The molar mass of testosterone is 288.431 grams per mole of the substance (avegrados number, 6*10^23 molecules of the substance, very big number hence the scientific notation). The molar mass of testosterone enanthate is 400.603g/mol. Divide 288.431/400.603 = .712, so roughly 71 percent of testosterone enanthate is pure testosterone. 100-71 = 29, this is the percentage that compromises the ester. So out of every 250mg roughly 177.5mg is pure testosterone, the half life of test E is about 7 days, however this will differ between individual metabolism and elimination of the drug. It takes about 5 half lives of injecting to reach a “steady state” in which the levels of the drug cease to continue building in the system, just as it takes around 5 half lives for a drug to clear the system (so if I was on TRT and decided to blast on a supraphysiologic dose of test, provided I’m just gonna be getting bloods for testosterone, not haematological factors as well), I’d need to stop using the higher dose of test E roughly 35 days before a blood test to show up normal. Using 50mg of TNE/day is roughly the same as 500mg of test C/E/wk, test C and E are very similar, it’s like a 1-2 percent difference.