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Testosterone Enanthate, First Injection

First cycle and it’s 300mg test e every 3.5 days. I did my deltoid with a 28g but it wiggled quite a bit in there because of nervousness or whatever, like 3-4mm in and out and to the sides.
It felt a little uncomfortable and the next day it was swollen, now inflammation has subsided mostly but the muscle insertion site has been red
and hurting and a swollen for two days even though it’s nowhere near the injection site, injection site feels like what a vaccine feels after some days, so ok. It’s been 3 days from the injection, as it becomes less swollen it hurts a bit more but different, more like a burning and pain in a resting position. I have read it could be virgin muscle reaction, a reaction to the 300mg/ml dosage, or even infection. How can rule the bad guesses out ? Thanks.

Try it in the outside of your leg next time mate, it’s much easier, and pull the plunger back to make sure no blood comes just to be sure your not hitting a vein. You should see a few tiny little bubbles come out but no blood at all. Maybe there was a drop of test on your pin as you broke through the skin, try to make sure your pin is dry as possible before you stick it in. Most likely it is just virgin muscle though and it won’t hurt nearly as much next time, it won’t be infected or anything it just hurts like hell for a day or two

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I legit don’t know anyone who pulls back anymore

OP. It’s called PIP - should have probably known about that before you started injecting steroids into your body

I don’t if it’s going in my arse but why not if your doing in your leg where there’s more veins to hit, it takes 5 seconds max

Oh no. Delt pins for a first-timer are known to cause AIDS. That’s how Houdini died.


Aspirating is an outdated practice that really hasnt shown to have any benefits.


I do it as a sort of OCD thing. Plus something about slamming a syringe of tren straight to the heart makes me paranoid.


Going for them heart gainz bruh?

I dont inject anywhere besides my quads. For the last year and a half, twice a week, nothing but quads.


I read all I could find. Didn’t find anything about redness and swelling 4 days after pinning except from infection cases. Searches didn’t help, I’m all about looking stuff up before posting.
I found a little on it after scrolling through the pharma section until posts from 3 years ago.
High mg/ml and being new most likely.
I was nervous from being a first timer you should probably think about that if you’re answering noob posts. Most posts mention 250mg/ml and nowhere near as bad reactions as I got.

Its not infection, well more than likely its not. Could be due to high dose, the oil its suspended in, or virgin muscle. Or maybe you hit a nerve.

Take a sharpie and draw a circle around all the redness. If the redness creeps out of the circle towards the heart, coupled with fever and the site being hot, I would then worry about infection. There is usually 2-3 posts a week in here about PIP. Could take anywhere from 7-14 days to clear up. You should use alternating cold and heat packs with a pain reliever.

I am not a Dr. If you run a fever, maybe you should get it checked.

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Like I just mentioned I went through posts 3 years back, you always got a “funny” reply…

Here’s a slightly better question for you. Yesterday I could not sleep from this pain so I said fuck it and took 400mg ibuprofen 12am and then other 400mg 8am. I know constant use of NSAIDs kills gains. Would tramadol be better or is that a no no if my main goal is volume?
I got in the cycle so I could train harder and heavier but if I’m limited by PIP it beats the point. I’m doing German Volume Training, Thursday I did shoulders so tomorrow it’s that day again, by how I’m feeling atm I won’t be able to put work nowhere near what I should be. Thinking of just getting 250mg/ml vials if tramadol isn’t an option and there’s no other way around it.

Thanks that redness expanding thing has calmed me down, it hasn’t grown since it appeared. I did went through the PIP posts but none included as harsh reactions as I think I had or there were important variables to my situation. Until a 2016 post at least. I’ll do the cold/hot pack thing.
7-14 days to clear out eveytime I use a different muscle right? That would hamper my training significantly. Is tramadol for pain management ok? As far as I know you shouldn’t treat weightlifting pains with aspirin, ibuprofen, etc unless it’s an actual injury.

I’m the wrong guy to ask about that because tramadol makes me puke my guts out. I think you’ll be fine with just ibuprofen, even if it’s an imperfect solution.

I’ve found that on the rare occasion in which I get some pip the best way around it is to work that area as soon as is reasonably possible. Nothing makes you forget pip in your delt quite like working your delts hard the next day. It sounds crazy but it works.

You’ll get used to the art of pinning pretty fast, btw. You’ll find the spots that work and that don’t work for you and as you progress it’ll become so easy that you’ll look back and laugh about how much the first few hurt.

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Thanks, doesn’t sound so crazy makes a little sense actually. I’ll stick to delts and glutes for now, fuck this pain, when it gets better I might venture to quads.

Don’t take tramadol altho it doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier like other opiates it does have a major risk of dependency and should not be used for day to day pain problems

It will pass in 5-10days dont panic :slight_smile: I remember when i took first shot… I did it in right quad, my leg hurted so much i couldn’t stand and the pin spot was so hot red and swollen but it passed after third shot. If you did all right steps like clean and sterilise the spot you will be fine it can be reaction on the oil if its too thick… I personally hate 26-27-28 g needles it toock me forever to inject…

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve heard (do everytime ) let a little test come out of needle and run down for lube … ??? Poster above says make sure completely dry . I prefer the lube lol

First of all, spot injecting is dumb and science doesn’t back it so stop injecting the delt. The only reason you should inject into a different area is for PIP reasons. Second, just do outer glute and rotate between the two. Seeing how we can’t see the injection site because of the lack of pictures, next time you inject make sure you do the following to reduce chance of infection.

a. Wipe vial with alcohol wipe before drawing.
b. minimize the amount of air left in the syringe
c. wipe injection site well with alcohol wipe.
d. Stick needle inter-muscularly into site.
e. To ensure it’s in and you did not pierce a vein, aspirate. This is pulling the plunger back and checking the syringe to see if any blood was drawn. If there’s no blood then you’re g2g and you can push down on the plunger.
f. After you pull the needle out rewipe injection site with alcohol wipe and place your power rangers band-aid on it.
g. Massage the injection site, and or take a steamy shower afterwards to further break it down if needed.


I prefer my injections post workout in the changing room at the gym directly infront of the sinks so all the bros know where my gainzzzzz come from.


You dont have your bros pin you in the locker room? I usually have one bro on each side of me pinning each side of the glute facing backwards towards the big mirrors so I can watch. Then the next guy in line gets in position for the next round of pins. Like a giant circle jerk of pinning.