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Testosterone Enanthate E2D vs E3D


Does anyone know if there would be a benefit of dosing T E3D vs E2D? I tried E2D for a while and found I did not feel well doing it that way. I have anxiety and high doses of T make it worse.So, I am trying to find a way to bring down the amount of T per injection. I switched to a 1 inch needle and I think it might not have been getting deep enough into the muscle.

So,I want to try dosing E3D with a 1 1/2 inch 25g needle. My blood work was great doing E2D.My bio was 9.91-range (4 To 10) Total was 17.7. range (10 To 28) but my mood was not good. The reason I think the needle size might have played a role in not feeling well is because I tried T sub q, and it made me feel panicky,much more anxious.

When using the 1 inch needle IM I felt my mood was similar to using T sub q but not quite as bad. I went back to a 1 1/2 inch needle IM twice a week and felt a difference in absorption but the doses are too high and make me feel like Shxx.

Feed back is appreciated.


Dosing E3D would increase the amount of T per injection, not decrease it (versus E2D). I'm assuming you mean every other day, or every second day when you state E2D. Either way, I doubt if you would see much difference in total T levels over the course of a week. E3D means less muscle damage over time for IM injections, which is a plus.


pcdude, I am going to use the same dose for E3D as I did for EOD. My blood levels are at the high end of normal so I might be able to go for another day on the same dose as EOD. I need to find out if it will work. If it does not work. I will go back to twice a week.


T cyp has a slower release than T eth, and yields less T when the body de-esterizes it. That might help. Some do find that they do better with one vs the other. The main differences are the base oils, usually cotton seed oil for cyp and sesame seed oil for eth. And there can be brand to brand differences, based on yams for feed stocks VS soy. Some have allergy issues with soy. Can be differences in additives. Some will only have 1% benzyl alcohol [BA] as a bacterial static agent, others have other things as well. So those are a lot of other variables.

If you start TRT and have weak thyroid and/or adrenal function, those other systems can be unable to keep up with the added metabolic demands created by restoration of youthful T levels.

You have disconnected us from the post in your thread of Jan 10th and we thus have no context here to do things right. Do not split your case across multiple threads if you are expecting useful responses. I am not going to go fishing for that material. By splitting your posts into different threads, you are going to get the usefulness of a chat room.


Thanks KSman