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Testosterone Enanthate + Dianabol First Cycle

I am going to be running a test e and dbol cycle. This is my first cycle. I’m looking for some opinions. Thanks!

week 1-10: test e 600mg/ew (split into two 300mg injections)
week 1-4: dbol 25mg/ed
weeks 3-10: arimidex .5mg/eod
week 12-16: nolva 40/40/20/20
week 12-16: clomid 100/100/50/50

I am 26 years old looking for some good strength and mass gains.

I was also wondering if a 3 CC syringe with 23 G X 1.5" needle is good for the test injections and if I would need a different gauge needle for drawing into the needle?

Stats? Age lifts bw, nd pictures.

I am 26 years old, 5’8". I weigh 175 at a pretty low body fat (12-15ish). I have been lifting since I was about 11 years old. I trained as a powerlifter most of my high school years and transitioned into bodybuilding after I graduated at 18. My lifts are :
Squat : 595 lbs x 1
Deadlift : 655 lbs x 1
Bench : 365 lbs x 1

I think this is going to be a great thing. As long as your lifts are real. I like it. Rock and roll man

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You should use a different needle to draw and then one to inject.it doesn’t matter what size to draw. 23G will be good to inject. I would drop to 1inch tho… also, you could bump the dbol up to 50mg to get that jumpstart on weight gains and strength in the beginning… Keep us up on how it goes bro!

But I have thick ass. From what I’ve read, if I’m pinning in my glute, I should stick with 1.5".

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Unless your really fat stick to 1in

If you really squatting that weight, then you ain’t fat… youre only 185lbs and you squatting 595??! I almost wanna call bullshit bro. Is that a deep squat, legit?
you big af, but you ain’t fat. I squat 405 but I’m 9.2%BF, 6’3" and weigh 220, so 1.5" pin goes to the bone…haha! Seriously, the mother fuckers hurt. So I switched to 1" long time ago and I’ve been good…

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Haha I was thinking the same about his weight to strength. I know a guy down around me that has horse legs and has hardly any upper compared to his legs. But he’s also like 5’ 4 lol and 185. I’m 5’8 and 210 about 13% or so. But granted I bench and pull more.

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I think for your first cycle you should go a bit lighter on the test and perhaps a bit heavier on the dbol. I would structure it like this (if you are set on those steroids).

Week 1-10 Test E 500mg/week
weeks 1-2 dbol 20mg/ed
weeks 3-6 dbol 30mg/ed
weeks 1-10 nolva 10-20mg/day

Then your nolva/clomid PCT can still be used as you suggested, I prefer running nolva on cycle to arimidex!

DEFINITELY DO NOT run so much arimidex to start bro!! start with 0.125mg EOD DEFINITELY NOT 0.5mg… you may end up needing 0.25mg eod but I doubt you will need more than that, and nolva is a better option regardless in my opinion! Adex can really kill gains if you are using even SLIGHTLY more than you need!

IF you are open to a slightly different cycle, this is what I ALWAYS Recommend to beginners! It was my first cycle and a few of my friends ran it first as well!

Weeks 1-12/14 Test E 400mg/week
weeks 1-12/14 EQ 600mg/week
weeks 1-12/14 Nolva 10mg/day

You could add dbol as I outlined above but this should be more than enough for a first cycle!

People really under estimate steroids… I guarantee you could get very noticeable great results with only 400mg test E per week and nothing else! I definitely would recommend this EQ stack though, its a great run!