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Testosterone Enanthate and Equipoise stack

Im about to start a cycle for 10 weeks on this using nolva and hcg as post. Im 6 210, im going to do 250 mg of each. First real cycle, have done PH. Any suggestions?

From what I’ve read the standard for EQ is min 12 weeks with lots of people running it for 16. I’m starting my first cycle of test E and EQ next Monday. I’ll be running them both for 12 weeks at 500 test and 400 EQ. 250 each seems like a pretty low dose.

First off, HCG is not for PCT

when should hcg be ran? there is alot of different opinions and also i know that its a low dose but its my first cycle.

when should hcg be ran then, and its my first cycle so im going low

Dosen’t matter if its your first cycle or not. EQ as a norm is ran at 400mg a week; and for some like me I don’t see results unless I use 600mg a week. Your test also is to low. Try uping your test and EQ dose’s and have a good AI like aromasin @ 12.5mg ed.

run 250iu hCG two or three times a week ON cycle, NOT during PCT.

double your test dose. The dose you have now is far too low, and I would consider extending the length of cycle to 12 weeks. I understand you’re probably concerned about sides or whatever but if you run all your ancillaries you’ll be fine. Speaking of which, I take it you have an AI on hand yes?

As stated previously.your EQ dose is much too low. 500 minimum,600 is the sweet spot for me. Also Eq is a mild compound. You’ll probably just start to see results,vascularity around the 8-10 week point. I usually run it for 16-20 weeks. I’d up the Test to 500. Do some research on pct before you start and have your ancillaries on hand before you begin your cycle.

definitely run your test at 500! bump up the eq also! don’t turn your balls off for 250. and as stated above, eq needs to be run for 12 weeks. run em both for 12 and you’ll be much happier! the extra 2 weeks isn’t going to hurt you, especially if you’re using hcg at 250iu two or three times a week.

Why would you want to hit EQ on your first cycle?
Do a simple Testosterone stack with dbol/winstrol for 8 weeks and start recovering for the next one.
Your HPTA is fragile, why fuck with it for 12+weeks off the bat.
Just my opinion.

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thats a good call singh. i somehow skipped over the first cycle part. yeah bro, test e 8-10 weeks. 250 on monday 250 on thurs. you should get some good gains on that alone. imo it’s probably a good idea to see how you react to just the test. you can add in other stuff during a later cycle. just do some research!

im 17 years old btw thats another reason why im going so low

[quote]beastmode33 wrote:
im 17 years old btw thats another reason why im going so low[/quote]

I’m telling your mother what you’re up to. Go away and come back in 5 years.

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duuuude… if you’re 17, your natty test levels are fucking through the roof right now! enjoy it! just eat a ton of quality calories, throw in some sort of creatine and protein and you’ll be good to go! you have a long ways to go naturally before any cycles

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Very much agree. You’re young you don’t need juice. I thought I couldn’t gain when I was 17/18 then I gained 30 pounds in a year. Let your natural levels take over and just eat/train/rest. You will grow

i cant gain for shit… and i know plenty of kids my age who are doing em and getting solid results

You’re 17. You might not start building good size for another year or so. That doesn’t mean it’s time for steroids. How long have you really been training for? What’s your diet truely like? There are so many other factors to adjust before you start aas. Just because your friends do it and get results doesn’t mean anything.

That’s exactly what gives this sport a bad name. Kids going around thinking that since others are doing it that it’s all good. Research what affects it will have on your very young body. You see the physical results your friends get, it’s what you don’t see that is the problem.

There’s nothing anyone can say that might detour you from starting a cycle, but you’re friends doing it and getting results has to be the worst reason to start anything in life IMO

yes but ive been trianing hard and i study it i look over it i love lifting im 6 ft 210 one cycle of low doses wont do that much damage…

[quote]beastmode33 wrote:
yes but ive been trianing hard and i study it i look over it i love lifting im 6 ft 210 one cycle of low doses wont do that much damage…[/quote]

God I hope you’re trolling because if not you’re retarded.
Stop doing PH, don’t even consider doing steroids. Any gains you have now will be counteracted by the absolute havoc you wreak on your hpta for the rest of your life. Don’t be ignorant and short sighted. Life can’t all be about instant gratification. Also, at 17 6’1 210 I have a very hard time believing you’re lean. Please go away and come back when you’re grown.

Your 17?

In that case I would do 20weeks of:

1000mg Test E
1000mg Tren E
1000mg Deca
1000mg Eq
10iu HGH
22iu Insulin

Be sure to front load all those compounds the first week, so 2g of Test, tren, eq, deca. Dont worry about PCT, shits for pussies

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