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Testosterone Enanthate. Advice?

Test-E Cycle. Expert advice required. Gyno & PCT.
Hey guys, I would like to share with you my recent experiences with testosterone enanthate and to receive some advice. First of all, I am a 21 years old male, I am currently serving in the Brazilian Army as a 2nd Lieutenant (just graduated from officer`s course), and have decided, after doing some research, to go to the dark side, since I will be assigned a platoon in the next March, and being big and strong would help me greatly in my profession and life.

I have been weight-training for 7 years, 3 serious; and following a calorie&protein dense diet (3.000 Kcal). During those last years I have really pushed myself during winters to eat 4000+ kcal and trained 4x week with intensity and consistency, but along with some results, i ended up with a little pot-belly. The opportunity to be enhanced now was really compelling, and waiting would not be the best for my current situation. I started on a Testosterone Enanthate only cycle in Nov 26 2012. So here follows my stats:

Age: 21
Height: 180cm/5f 9in
Weight: 80kg/ 176lbs
Bodyfat: 10%
OBS: Because of the military, I was not ale to go to a gym for the past 6 months, although I have been strengh training. Started going to the gym the month before taking gear.

Mon:Chest/Triceps/ Calves
Tue:Back/ Abs
Wed:Rest - HIIT
Thu:Legs/ Calves
Fri:Biceps/ Traps/ Shoulders
Sat:Rest - HIIT
Sun:Rest - HIIT

DIET: 5 solid meals and 1 post-workout shake (Whey Blend+Malto w/Dextrose) on workout days. 3L tracked water everyday.
3318 Kcal
131 Fat
259 Carbs
278 Protein

CYCLE - 10 weeks (first cycle)
600 mg Test Enanthate/week - 300mg injection on Monday & Thursday
20 mg Tamoxifen everyday: gyno prevention (I am prone, since I have a little pubertal gyno)
Objective: mostly lean gains, clean bulk.
At the end, I will post before/after pics & stats.

PTC: SERMS (Clomid & Tamoxifen)
***DOUBT: I was recommended Proviron by my supplier, what do you think? I need help here, because I really want to avoid Gyno and mantain my gains.

EXPERIENCE SO FAR:I am in my 2nd week. Rise in libido was noticed, as well as in energy. First shots were not painfull, done with proper technique. However, in the 1st week I experience great pain after, and was limping. Now its ok. I inject on the thighs, alternating left and right, 22G needle to apply, 18G to extract. Always check if didnt hit blood vessel. Always leave a little bubble of air in the needle to avoid left-over test. No acne experienced. No sensitive nipples.

PLEASE, if you are going to criticize me, be constructive! Proactive!
I need further help on using AIs istead of SERMS on gyno prevention during cycle. I still dont understand which is better. Is it important to reduce aromatization during cycle, or can I just use a SERM? If possible, please show me the studies, everything. I havent found many things about it and didnt quite understand what I read.
Also need help with Proviron! My source tells me to use it along with Tamoxifen for PCT. What are your experiences with it?
Another doubt: what do you think about reducing the Test-E dosage after week 5 to 500 mg/week and make it a 11 week cycle?

Best regards.

I would run an AI on cycle such as adex or aromasin. An AI will reduce the amount of E while a SERM will only block the E receptors. AI dosing is different for everybody but generally adex is dosed .25mg EOD and aromasin at 12.5mg EOD, then adjusting the dose need be. Then use the tamoxifen if you start seeing side effects such a itchy,tender, puffy nipples.

Pct of Nolva and clomid is good, never used proviron so I can’t comment. I find if I run low doses aromasin during pct I avoid the acne that comes along with pct.

Extending your cycle is up to you. Nothing wrong with that.