Testosterone Drs in NJ/Pennsylvania?

Hi I’m near the low end of the testing range and have wasted a lot of time with doctors that don’t know anything about testosterone and don’t seem interested in prescribing it.

Does anyone know a real doctor (not the boutique doctors that want $ 1,000 just to see you) that take regular insurance and understand testosterone and have actually prescribed testosterone in New Jersey or Philadelphia area. Thank you.

I found a integrative doctor through a4m.org he wouldn’t/ couldn’t prescribe test so he referred me to an endo who would be willing to prescribe and follow me. I tried a few Endo’s on my own but none were willing to take me seriously. Just had to keep knocking on doors. A4M is the anti Aging Academy of America.

Capstone Medical Associates. Dr. Backenstoes in Palmyra PA. Probably 1.5 hours from Philly. Hes an internal medicine specialist who also specializes in anti aging medicine. He accepts insurance.