Testosterone Dropped by 90 in 2 Months. Is This Normal?

I had my testosterone levels checked 2 months ago, results showed they were at about 660 ng

These past 2 weeks I felt like my libido had tanked and erections not as hard. So I decided to get retested. I came in 570 ng.

This is lowest I’ve ever gotten, usually I’m between 650 to 750.

I’m a 30 year old male.
Time of both tests were morning.

Is this drop normal???

Yes. It can vary by that much with no issue especially a couple months apart.

thats comforting to know. If i just wanted additional peace of mind, should i just wait a week or two and retest?


Why test at all. Your numbers are good…???

I’m sure you’re going to test again so why not get some more tests done?

Test, Total
Test, Free
LH etc.

For $89 you can get a pretty good test done at a private lab and you don’t need to have it done by your doctor. (Unless you are a RESIDENT of or in the states of NY, NJ, MA, MD or RI. then they can’t do it). If you are already familiar with ordering labs online then i’m sorry for the long explanation.

Go to PrivateMDlabs.com and find the hormone test

Hormone Panel with F&T Testosterone LC/MS-MS for $103.99.

Add to cart and Enter coupon FBCOLORS (Expires 9/30/16) for 15% off. You can buy it now and I think they give you 6 months to go in. You’ll end up paying $89 for everything. It’ll have you enter your zip code for the nearest LabCorp and you just go in whenever you want and get your blood drawn. You’ll have your papers emailed to you with a barcode, just print it out and take it to your nearest LabCorp. Everything is paid for. You should fast for 12 hours before going in and probably go between 8-10 am. You’ll get the results soon via email and logging onto PrivateMDlabs.com. We’ll get a better idea of what’s going on, if anything is going on at all.

It can vary that much in week , its not always you maybe you’re girl needs to step up game.

Very normal, levels change between day and night. Hard workouts, lots of sex, drinking, a big meal, they make it crash and raise it up. Your TRT level may have been back up to 750 the next week. Nothing to worry about unless you get symptoms. And you have symptoms. Lack of sleep, are you over training? Where you overly stimulated for a long time sexually? A nympho girlfriend or internet porn. The flue? Things that would exhaust you. Those things are normal. 30 is a very young man still, so being worn down for no reason. No there is a reason

“libido had tanked and erections not as hard.”

That is worrisome for a guy who is only 30. Those are they symptoms that sent me in to be tested and I was 55

I get that, but post said for the past two weeks. That means its not chronic, just a recent spell. Can’t be midnight Rambo all the time. Plus, with numbers from 500-750s there is no T problem here. So again, why retest?

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