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Testosterone Dosage Timing


Hi all. I apologize for the scattered posts.

I have been on TRT for about a year now. I work out extremely hard and off of 150 mg test cyp a week and 250 iu hcg EOD my total testosterone was only 530. I have upped to 180 a week and feel great now. I am getting blood work this week.

I generally take my t shot monday morning then lift extremely hard all week and I have been now timing my workouts to where I schedule my shot after a workout followed by a rest day.

I feel that this really affects the testosterone metabolism, as I feel my body really uses a lot up instead of absorbing as much if I work out immediately.

I am interested to see the difference in blood work. Do any of you experience this same thing?


I'm sure one of the guys with a lot more experience than me will respond/correct what i say.

I don't think once per week is sufficient, you should be looking at 2x per week as a better rotation....as for timing, it's not critical...before workout...after workout...before sleep...first thing in the morning....anytime is a good time. If before the gym, at least you'll have a chance to work the muscle to get quicker absorption and less soreness (just my personal experience).

However....what is your E2 levels...this is critical. As you increase Testosterone, it Automatizes (converted) to Estradiol...E2. So while you're adding Test, you're not seeing the benefits. This is where an AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) comes into play. Usually you will see on the forum .25mg of Anastrozole (Arimidex) EOD (every other day), and this may be all you need.....but i'm sure someone will say...get your E2 levels checked then come back with the results.

Either get your Dr to do it....or run your own bloodwork. Look on Amazon for "ZRT E2 Blood"....$34.95

good luck


Your Blood work was taken When in relation to your shot.

Split your dose up to eod or twice a week your a hyperexcreter

Read the advice for new guys sticky and protocol for injections.


Testosterone Cypionate takes 48-72 hours to hit peak levels after injecting. Once per week injections means that you're hitting your peak a couple of days after your injection and a decline over the next 7 days. Test cyp has roughly a 7 day half life.

Increases in estradiol coincide with increases in testosterone and will hinder performance in the gym. Need a quality aromatase inhibitor to control that.

Also, as ACES said, your levels are determined by when the blood was drawn, so if you drew at, let's say, day 6, you will read "low" in terms of what is optimal levels. Every other day injections allow for more stable T levels in terms of troughs and peaks. I do the T/hCG/AI all at the same time EOD. Some say estradiol is easier to manage on EOD injections as well.