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Testosterone Diet


I was one of the unfortunate people suckered into buying a book about a testosterone boosting diet by a leading glossy magazine publisher.

It claims that by eating good fats and maintainting a certain PFC ratio, one can raise their testosterone enough to make workouts extremely effective. However, they do admit that it'll only raise it by a nominal amount.

Now, my question is, if what they say is true, couldn't you just use Androgel to get the same effect? Many people here say that Androgel (which for me boosts T by about 350ng/dl) has absolutely no training benefit -- because it only raises T to high normal levels.

So, if the preceeding is true, then this whole book is hogwash, is it not? Raising T by one hundred or so ng/dl does virtually nothing, according to this forum.

While I'm at it -- ZMA. If zinc merely supports the production of T, then supplementation should raise it a bit. But, again, those in this forum would argue that the spike is not enough to help one see speedier results. Right?

Come to think of it, Tribulus is the same way. It raises T a little.. why do people support these supplements, yet denouce the pharmaceutical ways of doing the exact same thing -- saying it isn't even worth the time?


Raising T by that amount will be benificial, from a "natural bodibuilder's" point of view. You main gain 2.5 - 5 lbs of quality muscle over the period of a few months provided your training and diet is spot on. You may gain more than that if you are a realatively new bodybuilder and have a lot of room to improve. You definitely won't put on 20-30 lbs of mass in the period of 4-6 weeks as some guys are able to do on a mass cycle.


Thank you for clearing it up for me.