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Testosterone Diet Plan!!! :)

Really tired so if this doesn’t make sense…well you can figure it out. I’m in the book store…like always and I see a book called The Testosterone Diet Plan. At least that’s what I remember. Has anyone read it? It’s by men’s health so I let out a little groan but some of the scanning I did seemed to make me think it could be good. Fill me in thanks. :slight_smile:

its a good book. the advanced workout program is great and was written by mike mejia. basically the message of the book is a diet comprised of quality protein healthy fats and good carbs can raise test levels leading to muscle gain.

I saw that book too. I looked at it for awhile and it looked pretty good. It seemed as though it was in favor of an isocaloric diet, which has been shown to work. I would like to look at it again to see how in-depth it goes as to how they got their info and recommendations. The book costs $25 retail. Being a student, it’s a little pricey to me. However, I might decide to get it from Amazon.com.

Thanks guys. Well anyone who knows me knows I don’t need anymore books…but… :slight_smile:

I heard it’s very much like the TC and Chris’s T-Dawg diet, but haven’t read it yet.