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Testosterone Damage


Does warming the test in warm/warmer water damage it?

What is the tolerance of such?



Since its melting point is 155 degrees C, I think it's safe to assume that warming it in water will not cause the molecule to decompose. Most guys warm the test before injecting, I know I do. The storage instructions for Test are 15 degrees c to 30 degrees C.

BTW Synth, how did you get on with your T400 and EQ?


that makes me feel a little better.

well.. this week my training has sucked. i went to do legs...felt weaker...so i stopped short, and work's had me screwing my diet, and ive basically not trained all week.

ive noticed nothing out of the ordinary with my cycle...

the T400 is the only thing i notice a response from. except...that huge wad of pain that comes with it.

tomorrow will be my 5th week on.. an injection day.. and i will be hitting the gym again.. but.. probably weaker.

my strength, gains, intensity, and motivation were greater naturally. something must not be right.



I have been following this guys post and it just makes me wonder...besides the packaging is there a more scientific way to verify bunk gear?


Yeah I'd have to agree, you should have been getting more of a bump than what you're experiencing. Synth, did you source the Test from a reputable company? I tend to use a lot of British Dragon products, purley because they have a system on their website that verifies legitimate companies selling their wares. Check out



the test is SYD Group and Tornell.. I verified all the hologram stickers..the source was a friend of a friend that hit up Mexico. so i have no specific reason to doubt the product..other than the results..

ive trained naturally my whole life till this stint on juice and to be honest, i got more from natural training. more intensity, better feel for my recovery...no peaks and valleys..although its all been valleys with this stuff thus far. ive gone to legs a couple times now and realized im just severely weaker...



That's a real shame. I've always had really, really positive results from Test. I really expected Synth that you of all people would have gained a lot from your cycle, as you've achieved so much naturally.