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Testosterone Cypionate

Do to a recent pharmacy screw up I ended up with 6 bottles of Testosterone Cypionate and 12 boxes of the Testosterone gel. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what would be the best way to cycle this so I can gain some size, also what I should take so I dont have to much estrogen in my system.

It sounds like you are already on some sort of HRT so cycling some Test Cyp could be an issue unless we know more about your stats.
If you are over 40 i would suggest posting a full set of stats.

Just stick to your right meds for now until youve done some research.
After about a week of reading some back posts here, you should be able to figure out what to do.

Cyp is my prefered Test. 500mg’s a week is decent amount for consistent gains in the neighborhood of 1-2lbs a week for 10-12 weeks. Estrogen might not be a problem at 500mg’s a week. I usually advise the use of Proviron alongside Test. At higher doses 750mg/Week or if you are particularly suspectible to estrogen problem using Arimidex or Aromasin will help quite a bit.

so…my Dr. had me on Testim Gel…no luck. Switched to Test Cyp injections at home…he suggested 300mg every 2-weeks. I’m reading 75mg twice a week is better. Any feedback? Also, can I still use he gel and expect more positive gains? By the way, my goals are very unique! I want to gain muscle size and lose body fat…I think that means an overall change in body composition! What a surprise! Thanks for your feedback…