Testosterone Cypionate

Hi everyone-

New Poster here so please be gentle (haha)- 26 year old male, 5’8, 160 pounds.

I just have a question because my Dr. just prescribed me Testosterone Cypionate. I will be taking 0.4-0.6 ML once weekly through injection. I was just wondering how this would be affecting my workouts. I am looking to build more muscle as I am a serious ectomorph and find it hard(er) to build muscle. I workout quite a bit (at least 5 times a week) and love spending time at the gym. Have no problem putting in the time for workouts.

Just curious what was going to happen to me. Am I going to feel it right away? Am i going to have more energy during my workouts? For anyone who has done it, what were the side effects? How did your body turn out? Was it easy to still do cardio?

Just have a lot of questions about how to be doing or gearing my workouts to receive the maximum benefits.

Thanks so much


I hope that you had lab work that checked LH/FSH before starting TRT!

Response to T depends on many thing and other health problems. FT is what gets the job done. T levels should be steady and weekly injections cause problems for most. E2/Estradiol can block some of the good effects of T and E2=22pg/ml is considered optimal when on TRT high-normal T levels. Your energy is greatly determined by thyroid levels, especially fT3. If your body temperatures are low, that is wrong. There are physical effects of hormones on your body, as well as mental effects. Your 5 days a week at the gym indicate strong determination in the face of low energy levels.

Please read these stickies:

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    – pay close attention to the first paragraph!
  • protocol for injections

Post all lab work with ranges.
Identify pre TRT and post TRT labs.

Good labs would be:
LH/FSH [before TRT]
and self evaluation of body temperatures see how overall thyroid function is working

If you have time could you review my lab results KSman?