Testosterone Cypionate Shelf Life?

I’m prescribe 1,000mg/10ml vial every month of Test Cyp. According to my pharmacist once uncapped the shelf life is only 28 days and should discard there after. I’m currently taking 160mg a week and by the 28th day still have about a quarter of Cyp left more or less. Should I discard the remaining Test or continue to use whats left over? My co-payment is only $10 so its not really hurting me much, but would like to use every bit of the oil as possible.

This is nonsense, they are ingredients inside the vial that prevent bacteria. Back in the day when everyone was doing 200mg every 2 weeks a vial would last months, this is just big brother being overly cautious to the point of ridiculousness.

My vials last 10 weeks and have no problems.

Figured … Thx brother!

just keep it away from light and heat.

You hit the jackpot with that Dr/pharmacist combo. I get 10ml and defy figures out exactly how long that 10ml will last you then let you attempt to order like 2 weeks before that but it takes like a week for the order to actually go through. They cut it ridiculously close. Its a joke. Having an extra ml of t a month for emergencies doesnt amount to anything that you could abuse of sell.

Thats the one thing about Defy that pisses me off, they could fuck me over because of any number of things postponing my order/ delivery and they dont care. They actually argued with me about the reorder date last time for like a week because they gave me the wrong date then calculated the correct date wrong because of a dosage change and finally admitted they were wrong and let me order and then the order just sat for a week before even going to empower anyway.

You should use every drop of oil out of those bottles and fill the rx as early ad possibly and stockpile because you never know what could happen. T will stay good for years if stored right. Even punctured, if done correctly should be good just as long. This 6months stuff is b.s. empowers vials say the date they were filled and the expiration is a year off from that date. Normal pharmaceutical test has expiration dates 2+ years out. If they put 2 years on their vial then its definitely good much longer than that. They would never risk something being able to potentially become dangerous within or close to their printed exp. Date.

I found 2 bottles from my script last year that I never ended up using, and then just re-upped from Defy. So I’ve had an extra bottle and a half. I don’t (intentionally) use any more than I should, permitting some error when I measure it out.

I used to be prescribed a ridiculously controlled sleep drug, and they literally had it measured down to the mL so people wouldn’t abuse it. Thing is, a couple wrong measurements and you’re screwed.

Both times I’ve kept a little extra from the start as a buffer, and was glad I did. The sleep drug had an insurance mixup/issue once and I needed an entire month of my extra supply, it was ridiculous. Either that or just, you know, not be able to sleep at all for a week.

If that situation ever happens I can put you in touch with my doc. I get 10ml (220mg/ml) at a time and usually ask for a refill at the 7 week mark. They would probably fill it earlier if I wanted. Not the best place if you are looking for help from the doc (which is the selling point for defy) but if dialed in it’s perfect and cheap.

I actually have that taken care of. I should never be able to run out. It just pisses me off the way they run their business. There are plenty of guys that probably wouldnt have the forethought to take care of that problem before it becomes a problem or wouldnt know how to go about doing it and they are the ones who would end up missing a few shots or if they broke a vial would miss a couple months potentially.


Good deal. Yeah don’t ever want to be in that situation for sure

Years. Some pharmacies say grapeseed can deteriorate after 6 months but I have never seen it.

I have found old bottles I misplaced after 3 years and they were still fine.

You will know when it is bad cause it will crystalize.


My previous endo prescribed me an allowance of 140mg weekly so I could figure out my dosing, only used about half over the last 6 months.

I have more than 6 months of extra testosterone and not worried about shelf life.