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Testosterone Cypionate Infused with Anastrozole

I was just put on testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml for once a week injections , and the testosterone is in fused with anastrozole. I am wanting to split my injections to every 3.5 days. Can it still be injected every 3.5 days?

Yes, it a stupid combination split up instead of all at once.

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Toss it in the trash and get testosterone infused with testosterone. There shouldn’t be anything else in your T


Toss it in the trash and get testosterone infused with testosterone. There shouldn’t be anything else in your T


What he said!


What they said. Damn wtf … whoever gave you this is stuck in novice land. They know exactly how much T and AI every man will need. Miraculous. One size fits all written all over this conundrum.

Royal Medical does this for everyone. Everybody gets the Cyp with the AI in it. You have to beg for just plain ole test from them

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Mental bro mental

Just what our bodies need more of, frankenstein chemicals and toxics. This is irresponsible and should be an illegal practice.

I know of a few TRT practices doing this. Two even put anastrozole in their pellets. When there are several patients coming from the same practice and all on the same protocol and dosing, it makes you wonder what their mindset is. Some well known clinics use one size fits all protocols unless the patient requests otherwise.

You might try to find out the half life of the injectable anastrozole. I don’t know if it would be different from the oral form which is not be the same as the cypionate. Personally, I would forego the anastrozole completely. However. if you are going to use it combined with the testosterone, I would dose it around the anastrozole half life.

What’s even more disturbing is clinics prescribing anastrazole to women who they claim to be ‘estrogen dominant’.

How these people are able to practice medicine is just mind boggling.

Ive been asked if I wanted my HCG mixed in but an AI is crazy! Pure T is best

How the hell would they mix HCG into an oil?? The peptide would fall apart. That’s a dumb idea.

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After paying attention for many months now, I am beginning to understand why @dbossa is the way he is :rofl:

@breakerjump Ha! Can you elaborate? I don’t think I quite understood what you meant.

Now you get it.

Now picture yourself pre-TRT being spoon fed with pure bullshit. You only want to get better. Your marriage depends on it. Your career depends on it. Whatever the case…and you try all this nonsense and get nowhere. You just want the right answer because you can’t take it anymore. That was me. So when I see this shit my blood boils knowing someone will read it and do it and get worse. This is why you see me lose my shit with people and I won’t back down. You have a perspective? Fantastic. Demonstrate it. Can’t do it? Then STFU.

I’m the nicest guy you could ever meet. I just want to help guys. Most people just see me screaming in forums and assume I’m an asshole lol

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I have no idea. I never accept it. I just stick to the pure stuff. Liquid gold

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