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Testosterone Cypionate Changing Color in Syringe

Hey guys, quick question for you so I’m not injecting something that could be harmful. I, like many others, preload my syringes for the month since I inject daily. I’ve noticed that the solution is completely clear when I draw it up and preload, and the first week or two the syringes I used to inject still show that clear liquid. However, after about the two week mark I notice the solution in the preloaded syringes starts to turn an amber/rust color. I’ve used sterile technique whenever handling the testosterone, so I’m not sure what is going on or if it is safe to use. So far, I haven’t been using the ones that change color, but instead just drawing up a new syringe since I have a little extra in the vial each month. But I’d love to not have to do that if it’s not needed. I’d love to hear feedback from others who preload that far in advance to see if you ever noticed anything change with your testosterone cypionate. I appreciate it!

My initial thought is that a preloaded syringe allows more air in-leakage than the multi-dose vial with its rubber cap. The rubber cap seals much better than the plastic cap over the needle that is there to protect the user from accidental picking and not the contents from contamination…

Haven’t heard that one before. Guys preload for a week, maybe, or longer for vacations. Haven’t seen anyone prep a months worth tho