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Testosterone Cypionate and Deca


I have never taken any kind of anabolic steroid in my training career...I have never even thought of seeking them out. I have the peripheral knowledge (anabolic wise) of lifting weights for 15+ years now, many of my friends have tried various cycles but for whatever reason I have not.

I have the opportunity to come into a good amount of legit Cyp and Deca. Several friends of mine are planning on a 12 week cycle of 400ml a week of both....There is Nolvadex available if any gyno issues become apparent and Clomid for the come off.

I am interested in the opinion of some of the vets on here. I am sure there are better cycles for a first time user, but as I said this is what is available and I am not even interested in seeking out different product.

What would be the ideal way to use the Cyp and Deca?

I looked at some of the stickied threads but there did not seem to be any post that fit mine.

Thank you for your help in advance.


the volume is meaningless without the concentration...you need to know how much of ecah you are doing (in miligrams)

These two drugs do the same thing...its not clear that you understand this...

You didn't find the "Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning" thread, and its advice to only use one compound for your first cycle, applicable to you? That's odd


Thank you for the response VT....I was under the impression that Nolvadex was just used for gyno as needed and the Clomid was used in the last several weeks of the cycle...duly noted.

So you would say to just use the Cyp for the 12-15 weeks and save the Deca for another time?

It is my understanding that it is 1cc = 200ml for the Test and 1cc = 300ml for the Deca.

Again I apologize for not putting 2 & 2 together in the newb thread.


12-15 weeks is a little long for a first timer cycle...it seems that most of the guys around here recommend 10-12 from what I have gathered, some as short as 8 but with your longer ester, it is probably better to hit the 10-12 range...

I would definitely forego the Deca if I were you...you want to know how your body reacts to just test before adding additional compounds

By concentration, you are looking at either 100 mg/mL or 200 mg/mL of the Test (for most Test Cyps, unless it is homebrew which could be any concentration)...you want to take whatever mL amount that will give you roughly 500 mg of Test per week, injected no less than twice a week...


This is exactly what I am going to do.....my only concern is whether to do the taper protocol or using Nolvadex for the PCT.

I would not want to subject my girlfriend to any sexual dysfunction post-cycle.

Thank you again for your help!


If you are worried about sexual disfunction I wouldnt recommend deca. Have you ever heard of deca dick? If not google it. Just like VT said, I would go with 500mg's of test cyp and inject it twice a week for 10 weeks and just see how your body reacts, keep some nolva on hand just in case you need a AI and I like clomid and nolva both for PCT.

I do the standard 40/20/20 for nolva and just 25mg ED of clomid until i get back to normal. Well now I am just on TRT and I dont ever do a PCT, but that is what i used to do for what its worth and it always worked for me.