Testosterone Cypionate 100mg or 200mg Strengths

When guys on here say they are taking X number of mg of testosterone are they using 100mg or 200mg of testosterone strengths? Example i will use is 2 shots a week of 50mg.

Are you asking if they are using 100 mg per mL, versus 200 mg per mL? I’m taking 200 mg split into two 100 mg shots a week. My test comes in 250 mg/2mL glass amps, so for me it’s 0.8 mL per shot, or the “8” on the 27 ga pin.

Most use 200mg/mL vials.

Yes hardartery, I think thats what i am asking lol. Example, If someone said they take 50mg shot a week of T would it be good to know if its was 100mg or 200mg strengths?

You care only how many mg you inject. The ml are just to calculate tour dose

The only difference is once you get above 250 mg/mL or so, guys start to have reactions because of the amount of solvent needed to get the suspension that rich. Otherwise mg’s are mg’s.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s like taking 1 shot of liquor vs 1 beer. It’s the same amount of alcohol either way

Well also consider whatever dose you’re taking the volume injected at 200mg/ml is half of that at 100mg/ml and I’d think that’d be more comfortable, especially at higher doses.

Some of you need to understand some people are just more sensitive to everything - like @systemlord and me and many other Ive seen in forums and real life. This is not a placebo, maybe we are just used to focus more on the body sensations but also our bodies react severely to everything.
For example if I take 400mg of test two times a week Im pretty sure will fo go in the newspapers with mass shooting, rape or something like that. No joking at all

I’m going to be taking pictures of my hands and arms before restarting TRT on the 18th, you’re going to see my veins expand from no visible veins to veins that are popping out of the skin within hours of the 7mg injection.

Placebos don’t cause your veins to expand or energy to increase.

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Or to make you add without effort two extra sets per every exercise in the workout

What has this go to do with the price of tea in China? Seriously, what thread are you responding to here?

This was discussed in the thread

Um, no. The thread is about potency, as in how many mg per mL the mix is, not really about how many mg he should or should not use or when.

Vonko, you’d be the first. You’re in Bulgaria, right? Any Bulgarian weightlifters experience anything like this. A little before your time, but go back to the '70s.

Everybody is unique and the idea that something works for one person does not mean it will work for another. Everyone has different genetics, upbringing and so on. Yes, Im a Bulgarian and definitely I do not have the potential to be a professional weightlifter. I know some of them by the way

Me too, but they’re long ago retired. I’ve met Ivan Abajiev.

If they are current, then drug use is quite different today than what it was then. But, ask them for their thoughts anyway. They’ve probably heard some stories from the past.

Oh I know very well the methods of Abadjiev. Apart from the legends I know personally people that have trained under him. The daily routine of the French Foreign Legion or Navy Seals will be a walk in the park compared to that.

He was a legendary trainer, but to say that he abused gear on the guys will be a great underestimation. He has been literally stacking them with everything possible, experimenting with new compounds, with new mega dosages and stuff. A few people died but the cases were quickly concealed and in the form of state government back then it was not difficult.

Yes, the successes are achieved with a lot of sweat and blood, but I dont think we have much to take from that in terms of health and hormone optimization except maybe the mental attitude

I know. His methods were attempted in the USA, but in the drug tested days.

We were told alcoholism (liver disease?), auto accidents, even some murders.

Agreed. I trained very hard due to the Bulgarian success of that time. It turned out to be counterproductive physically. Still, it was cool to see such a small country beat the Soviets.

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Yep, and the Russians didnt like that at all, you know happened to our team after that.

And 10-15 years later when again we had some successes again our whole team was literally destroyed by doping crap. But this time not the Russians orchestrated it