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Testosterone Cyp Protocol?


Can anyone tell me the proper doses of a first timer over a 12-week period and any affects i should be worried about with aromatization?


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Read the sticky by furious george. It has cycles laid out and has everything you need and tons of explanations as well. It was my favorite read before I took the plunge.


Your post in the T-replacement forum states that you have recently been put on a prescribed TRT program by a doctor. Why do you want information on a steriod cycle? Get the TRT working first before you jump into high-dose test cycles. Read the stickies on the T-replacement forum for things like E2 control and what blood tests to ask for.

Trust me, if you start blasting away without first establishing your E2 control protocol, you will end up in estrogen hell forever.


In the TRT forum you mention you would like to lose fat as you're at 30-35% bf.

I would stay at a moderate dosage until you get down to at least 15% bf. Unless you just want to balloon, this is the only sensible advice I can give.


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Thanks to everyone that answered my post, to give a little more backround i have been training my whole life up to about 6 years ago after car accident i did use some steriods before d-ball finajet and clenbuterol. but that was 20 years ago the problem i have with waiting is i thought i would get the most out of the t therapy by doing a cycle instead of just the 200mgs a week maybe 200 first week 400 second week 600 800 then back down as i get to 12 weeks. if i stay at 200 every week for the t replacement will i see the same results?
i have a lot of reading to do i know. my testosterone level was 180 thats why im on t replacement. any suggestions on how to approch this



First of all, even 200 mg/week is a lot of test for TRT. 100 mg/week is standard protocol. With your BF% and that amount of test, you will almost for sure have issues with high E2, which will hinder your fat loss. Adding more test is not the answer - you need to lose some fat, and good diet along with TRT with your hormones in balance is the path. If you are not being tested for E2, have your doctor test and monitor. If it is high, an AI such as Arimidex is warranted. Blood testing is the only way to know your levels for sure.

Also, every week injections are too infrequent and will produce highs/lows in T levels as well as make it much more difficult to manage E2. You should be self-injecting at least 2X/week. Read stickies on TRT forum, reread them, then read them again.


Remember, and I'm not being an asshole, this is fact: you cannot out train or out juice a bad diet, so please do not waste time trying 'cos it won't happen.

Good luck...


I can understand several reasons why someone with significant bodyfat should leave gear alone. Firstly, you need to get your diet right and training in order to get the most from AAS. Secondly, AAS are more effective if you are leaner (mg/kg logic, theres a study somewhere that backs this up). Thirdly is the health aspect. Apart from these reasons, though as long as you are not some training newbie, I can see reasons why gear would actually be a good idea for someone with such high BF.

High bodyfat = negative hormonal environment + excessive calories.

Tip the hormonal environment the right way, and as long as you count your protein someone with really high BF will have NO problem with calories, and with the right trainer will likely blow the fuck up on gear. It will also be MUCH easier to lose the bodyfat with the extra muscle mass in the future. Am I missing something?


Great responses.

Best of luck.


This has given me alot to think about, my body fat and t count has alot to do with a bad thyroid bad t count and a bad diet. i have decided to try the slow approch to gear. i have started to eat 6 small meals a day chicken 6oz brown rice 4oz and broccli 5 times a day with a EAS myoplex for a skip meal and also supplimenting with whey protien shake 1 aday also multi,flaxseed oil,fat burner 3x aday. i have started test cyp at 200mg once every two weeks and androgel 1x a day every day on the second week to keep my t levels at optimun levels.

i am guessing E2 is estrogen and have told my doc that i would like my estrogen to be monitered as to avoid gynomastia. my training regimen is as follows Mon: Chest and bi's Tues: Cardio 20min interval training either bike or treadmill Wed; Quads hams calves and abs Thus: Cardio Same Fri: shoulders Back TRis Sat : Cardio same Sun: off and diet cheat day 3500 cals.calories are at about 2500 a little more with the shakes as am trying to burn the fat off. how does this sound to everybody?

PS At my peak in training before car accident i was 217 at 9% bodyfat i have pretty good genetics and im hoping with muscle memory it will come back fast. Also the thyroid had alot to do with my wieght gain


I've never heard of androgel and t injections. The TRT protocol you want to start is 100-200mg test-c per week, injected every other day, .25mg of arimidex every other day, and 250iu of hcg twice a week. 200mg every two weeks isn't optimal. One injection of test-c only stays in your system for a few days.

Also, some people gain muscle and fat on test cyp. Testosterone doesn't always help people lose weight. That's why it's best to only use test once bodyfat levels are low.


From what i know about Testosterone cyp is that it has a very long half life so an injection the t levels dont start dropping till about the second week. additionally as far as ive read (new england medical journal_" the only time testosterone doesnt help weight loss is if it aromatizes due to to much or you simply dont due the work with cardio and weight training. my muscle memory is there so im confident i can get it back


False. Weekly injections even have fluctuations.
Bi-weekly injections are best for cyp. This will reduce fluctuations.

50mg twice a week for trt will be better than 100 per week, and far better than 200 every other week


Thanks that makes sense what do u think about the diet and training schedule? and should i use the androgel to suppliment the test?


READ THE T-REPLACEMENT FORUM STICKIES! Everything you need to know has been discussed there. Please take the time to educate youself. TRT is a lifetime commitment, not to be confused with a gear cycle.

Androgel in addition to test cyp. is a waste, and can only lead to greater E2 conversion.


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I think you should just use that healthy appetite, smash the gear and MASS UP! But thats just me.


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