Testosterone cream usage

Read your mag and really dig it. I’m 55 and through my doc have been doing T-cream the last 2 years. Injections affected my tits, so the cream was better because it was more constant. T went from 196 to around 300 which has given some results-not much. My question is can I get a higher reading with pro-hormone usage along with the cream. Second, should I cycle the cream usage even with the small benefit I’m getting? I really do need boost to my T. Currently I follow a healthy diet and have weight-trained and been active all my adult life. I still water ski competitively but have been feeling weaker with more time needed to recuperate. Forget about libido-don’t have one. Maybe something in my dreams but nothing my wife would talk about. I feel very frustrated with this problem because I keep my body fat around 10% and don’t want to turn into one of those big bellied old guys 5 years from now. I have been taking DHEA and melatonin from the last couple of years. They seem to help with my energy level and sleeping soundly. I got to believe there are plenty of other “Baby boomers” around with similar problems. Could be the topic for an article. Whatever, I could use some of your best advice.
Thanks and keep up the good work, and please don’t turn into another Muscle Media!

Don, I’m 41 and at the end of 99 I got a complete physical. Turned out my t-levels were less than 180. My wife and I are still trying to have another child so t-replacement at this time isn’t an option. Got my levels over 300 by increasing zinc (ZMA) and mass consumption of olive oil (7-8 tablespoons a day). Both took 6-months to show any effect. I also got my estrodiol levels checked. Turned out they are at 50. My doctor wasn’t concerned, but high estrodiol will shutdown LH (and thus T). According to the Life Extension People (they take the same drugs as bodybuilders but don’t like us much) normal is 30 and optimal is 15! Got my doctor to prescribe Clomid. If this doesn’t work I’m going to get him (or someone else) to prescribe Arimidex.

You also mentioned that injections bothered your tits. As we get older and/or fatter we will convert more T into estrodiol. This is the most overlooked aspect of T-replacement. If you don’t get something that will block this conversion (zinc will help, so will losing weight- as in my case), you won’t get your t-levels up. Clomid will make the estrodiol less potent but won’t stop the conversion. Same with novadex. Arimidex will. I’ve increased my zma from 3 to 6 and now to 9. This makes 90mg of zinc per day. If this doesn’t work for me, T-replacement will be next. I do take prohormones. My attitude is so much better while I’m doing a cycle than without. My doctor actually suggested prohormones to me (he picked androstenedione- shows they really don’t care about your estrodiol levels). BTW even at the level of T that I’m at, I still am getting bigger and my lifts keep going up in lbs. Good Luck!

I too am 55 yers old so we’re on the same island. That creme your Dr has given you hasn’t done much has it? Try the androsol,tribex,methoxy stack…I did and couldn’t be happier with the results…9 ponds gained in 1 week with no increase in body fat and a recharged libido with the wood to back it up! Go for it…we’re still young studs!!!