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Testosterone Cream Cycling?


"The cream needs to be applied once a day and the use should be made for a maximum period of eight weeks at a stretch so that the body does not get immune to the action mechanism and benefits over a period of time.

Testosterone Cream does not bring any side effect with it and this is the reason why it is admired by one and all in the segments of professional sports and bodybuilding.
In short, Testosterone Cream is one name that you can always trust when it comes to restoring or boosting the natural production of testosterone so that dramatic performances are no more dreams."

What are they talking about ? Why would you need to cycle cream ? Why would it have no side effects it is still T ?


Sounds like absolute bull shit from someone who really does not know English very well. "so that dramatic performances are no more dreams". Or this is a crude translation from some other language.

If you google, you can find where this came from, where "admin" posted this on that site. The site has adds and appears to exist for that reason only.


Jees I never read the broken english part. 2nd time I have run across content suggesting cream must be halted after 8 weeeks. Makes no sense to me its T-Replacement should be the same rules.

In your opinion are the side effects of 20% cream any different than injected T ?


gels/creams at any strength are completely different from injections.

some can absorb creams/gel
some can't
some start off being able to absorb, but then stop
creams/gels more closely match your normal daily hormonal cycle (if you can absorb)
creams/gels may be more expensive then injections depending on your insurance
injections if done multiple times a week give you a constant steady T amount day to day
creams/gels have the issue of possibly being transferred to a partner or kids
self injections aren't normally considered "fun".
most doctors have no idea how to prescribe frequent injections and require an insane weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule (which is just insane... I did say that it was insane, right?)


Yeh, so far I am not liking the cost of the gel at all compared to injections. Injections were costing me $2.80 copay per week, and now I'm on $45 per month gel... But I did find a coupon on Androgel's web site, so hopefully my discount card will get here soon and that should bump me down to $20/month! Guys -- if you haven't got one yet, be sure to order it. I think you can use it forever to keep your co-pays at $20!


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I was fine with injections but stopped feeling anything. It is like flying an airplane, you detect changes in speed or acceleration but once you get to cruise the rush is over.

Creams are ok, no hassle, mine claims to be 20% but I am getting worried about hair loss again, need to first get off my medication then I can switch back to injections.

I have never had insurance pay for any of my TRT, it is all out of pocket.