Testosterone Cream Advice?

Hey Guys, I’m looking for some suggestions regarding testosterone cream, not gel.

Today I have a follow up with my PCP to review my recent bloodwork which showed low t level. I’m planning to request a prescription and was leaning towards a prescription for compounded cream.

I’m in California. Any suggestions on how I should suggest that and/or which compounding pharmacy to request? Also any key terms I should know like the % of testosterone in the cream?
Is cream something any compounding pharmacy can produce?

Thanks for any insight!

If she isn’t very familiar with TRT then it’s not all that likely she will be on board with cream but maybe you’ll get lucky.

What you’re looking for though is 20% (200mg/ml) vera-base cream. Empower has it and there’s one other… I can’t remember the name though, maybe someone else will remember it.

I think most people should start with IM injections to eliminate one possible variable. They are the most tried/true method IMO

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Empower also has 10% cream for those who are sensitive to dosing.

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My PCP ended up offering testosterone therapy. HOWEVER, he said he’d prescribe gel or injections. I asked about self injections and he said no it’ll be every two weeks in office. I then asked about an emotional roller coaster with that frequency. He acknowledged that is an issue but said he’s not ok with patients self administering.

I opted for the gel. Not ideal I know and I’ll probably continue UGL for now. But atleast now I have a legal prescription and a justifiable reason for no LH and FSH if/when I change doctors.

I started on injections first 200mg once a week and ending up on 150mg twice a week which was perfect for me feel/mood and low to zero negative side affects at 150mg a week.

Still, I hate injections personally so tried MedQuest 20% cream last several weeks. I like the trans-scrotum cream protocol it’s easy, fast and no needles. I absorb my 50mg twice a day (100mg total) within 5 minutes with ease. Haven’t had one issue with messy non absorbing cream personally.

The MedQuest cream is crazy strong stuff that small 1 click twice a day pushes me over 1000+ Total T and 40+free. I had to bright idea to try Try 2 clicks morning and 1 night ( 3 a day total) for a few days because maybe if 2 clicks were good 3 clicks had to be better. Wrong, I felt like I was cooking inside/out with high T, just felt weird so backed off to 2 clicks a day. More isn’t always better :wink:

The things I notice most between cream and injections:

First, libido with the cream is much stronger and consistent day to day for me. The cream also gives me a “good” feeling most all day 7 days a week. I just feel great on it.

My injections seemed to have more peak days and then down days. Moving to twice a week helped that I’m sure everyday injections would be even better.
I also think I put/kept muscle mass on injections easier. Don’t know why just something I’ve noticed the last couple of weeks on cream for me at least.

I’ll stay on the cream as long as it keeps working for me moving forward. Just like it overall.


Thanks for sharing your experiences.

It appears this particular doc is the wrong choice to manage your TRT because he is close minded, you need something more flexible. He stated he knows it’s not optimal to inject every 2 weeks, but still chooses to use these protocols, a red flag.

I agree! But it’s still a small victory for me considering I tried a different PCP 9 years ago and was told not to worry about being below range on testosterone. Sometime after that I went the UGL route.

I’ll just need to find a more open doctor but at least have the prescription out of the way!

This doctor started out saying “what matters is symptoms, not the actual level” I thought awesome, he’s not going to worry about me possibly getting to the high end of the range.
But then he followed up by saying “so a level of 100 isn’t an issue if you’re not having symptoms”! This was after telling him I lack libido, experience ED, and feel unmotivated…

But in the end he offered a prescription so I can’t complain too much! I didn’t expect top notch treatment and my goal was to just get my first prescription.

Except he’s creating symptoms by doing every other week shots… it makes no sense but I know you know that already

Fiddleback any issues with transference?

Zero issues not really a problem for me. Cream is protected from normal contact do to location of application and underwear. It dries/disappears fast for me just a few minutes on average. Faster when you get out of the shower and body is warm.

Sex well if you get surprised just wipe it off first. Most folks go to the restroom first anyway before big nasty just wipe it off then.

Overall, I still really like the cream and MedQuest product has been spot on Dispenser after Dispenser feels the same. I’m in the habit of checking basic labs every three months right now my levels seem locked in very little change in total and free T so far.

Hey brother. Just reading your above post. Now that you’ve been on cream for a bit, any difference in thought regarding feeling less “anabolic” and your body keeping and maintaining muscle on cream vs injection?