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Testosterone cream 60mg/day - is it a good dose? Is it possible to calculate how much testosterone will increase? 222ng/dl at the moment now

Total Testosterone - 222ng/dl - this is how much I have in my last blood exams.

Went to the doctor today and she prescribed me a testosterone cream.
60mg/day in my forearm.

I wanted injections but I’m not sure she was too keen on them. She mentioned that creams releases testosterone in a more natural way to the body than if it were weekly/monthly injections. I asked her what about biweekly injections but she still said no.

Is this a good dose? She said she wanted to start slow as to not pump the body with a lot of testosterone and that in 3 months we’ll reassess.

Also, is it possible to know how much will my testosterone increase with a cream with 60mg/day?

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