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Testosterone/Collagen Synthesis - BBB please check this out.


I read supra-physiological doses lowers collagen synthesis by 50-80%..

EQ can raise collagen synthesis by 340% @ 3mg/kg

Anavar as well, but I do not know at what dose it would be helpful.

I have been popping little shit lately. A tiny tweak here and there, and today pulled my pec kind of significantly. I am not sure of the extent yet.

I have a raw meet in about 4 weeks... I may be able to get some var, but I am not sure how fast.

I was wondering what kind of dose of var I would need to help the last few weeks with preventing these little pulls...

Also, I was considering picking up some cissus. I have been considering GHRP-6 as well. Or maybe IGF-1 for site injections where I have some minor tweaks at the moment.

Any thoughts on this? I am particularly interested in what BBB would think but I am sure others here can offer some very helpful advice on this issue as well.


I've read that test does that at high doses, but at low doses (under 200 mg / wk) it actually increases collagen synth.


Yes, but I doubt anyone on here is running under 200mg a week haha....(thats why I said supra-physiological doses lower collagen synthesis)

Even most of the guys I know on TRT add some to it so that its at 250/week minimum year round.


I would personally go with 50-70mg var and 300-400mg a week of nandrolone phenylproprionate. EQ in combination with NPP would be better, but you are not going to get much benefit in 4 weeks from EQ. Or deca if you couldn't get NPP, but that's slow to kick in too. GHRP-6 would definately be worth a go since its quick and easy to get hold of, and its dirt cheap.

Getting injured is a bitch. Don't be afraid to drop bench at the meet if it doesn't heal, there's no point risking making it worse. Just plan out your gear for your next meet and focus on getting back into shape if its more than a minor strain.


Yeah, I will take a token lift on bench if it doesn't heal.. I will see if I can get some ghrp-6 quick domestic...
Should be available as a research chemical right?

I will see if I can get some var quick too. I plan on running EQ from now on... probably with every blast, and maybe cruise on it as well.


How does IGF-1 + GHRP-6 sound?

Also I see several types of IGF-1... Is IGF-1 Ec what I want?

Also my source sells GHRP-6 5mg at a time.. I remember a thread telling about GHRP-6 so I can find that for the dosage.

Not really sure of doses on any of this but I can search for that before I order so I know how much to get.


Deca increases collagen synthesis by around 270%, which is probably where it gets its reputation for 'lubricating' the joints and relieving pain. Winstrol is another which increases collagen synthesis.




A typical dose of GHRP-6 is 100mcg. It is much more effective when combined with Mod GRF.


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Thanks guys. I was told today that I should use CJC-1295 instead.

At 2mg a week (the dose I found most places) though, and 25 bucks for 2 mg that is pricy...

I can get 5mg of GHRP-6 for 25 bucks.

At 255lbs would 100mcg be enough? I found some formula saying I would need closer to 125mcg...

The IGF-1 is crazy expensive so I will leave that out. I will get just 5mg of GHRP-6


You should use Mod GRF instead of CJC-1295, what you want is a big GH spike rather than a trickle of smaller pulses.

I think several 100mcg shots throughout the day would be enough, I would rather not use a higher dose because I don't want to risk raising prolactin and cortisol levels.