Testosterone Clothing

How many of you agree Biotest should make a Testosterone tank top & shorts (to wear at gym)? Also, maybe it’s me, but my T-shirt seems to piss off alot of people (the kind you don’t like anyway) - kind of fun. Anybody have similar experiences?

I definitley agree. There are a lot of testosterone fans out there. I would buy some tank tops and shorts. I haven’t worn my tshirt yet. They sent me an XXL, way to big.

Try walking around the Arnold Classic with not only a T-mag shirt, but a black leather jacket emblazed across the back with the word “Testosterone”.

As for other T-mag clothing, yes, it will probably happen in the future but it’s low priority right now. Hats, tanks, and maybe even stuff like bumper stickers will probably be available as the years go by. If I hear anything, I’ll keep the forum posted. We did give away a few thousand navy blue Biotest shirts at the Arnold. They’re pretty cool, too, but don’t have the “piss off” factor that the Test shirts do.

I’ll agree with Chris, but at the Arnold was the first place I’ve ever felt completely comfortable in public with the jacket, and not like I was some dangerous dude everyone had their eyes on. Remember, up here in north central Wisconsin I have weather causing me to wear the T jacket every day; it’s necessary (and damn warm, too).

Case in point: A couple of weeks ago I stopped at K-Mart on my way home from the gym. Black sweats, Testosterone t-shirt, T jacket, mirror shades, and a doo rag tied on my head. Works in the gym, kinda forgot I was going to the store. Man, I’m not exaggerating to say that women were scooting out of my way like they were afraid of me.

Just make a tank top outta your Testosterone shirt. That’s what I did when mine got ratty.

Funny thing, John, I got my bags searched twice by security at the airport. Could it have been the jacket and the goatee??? Also, it’s fun wearing it to Toys R’ Us with my daughter.

The moral of the story: Playing with people’s heads is fun and entertaining. A T-mag shirt or jacket is a great tool for this.

Where did you guys get your testosterone jackets?

Tanks are a good idea as long as they’re not the string kind that I see some guys wearing at the gym. How rediculous is this? What, do these guys really think that their muscles are so big that they have to rip their shirts into a string that barely covers the nipple? Give me a break! Put on some damn clothes for Christ’s sake! I don’t want to see it, and neither do a lot of the women.

Tanner - You have to earn the jacket. Tim Patterson gave me one for my “change” (I won’t use the word transformation!) using Biotest products! It is a sweet jacket! But you have to show Tim something for him to let one go! But let me tell you something it is worth it!!

  • Matt

I agree, whenever I’m at the gym people always walk by and say, “I wonder what your on”. I just laugh and say if you only knew. (Tribex, methoxy, Zma). I think the shirts should have t-mag.com in huge letters across the back. That way people would check out the site without having to talk to me. I’m a trainer and I have a million people think that I just use roids and bought the shirt at some bodybuilding competition.

Well, it’s ironic that the gym can be a hostile place for your “T”-shirt. But I’ve found that strippers, and other guys at those clubs, seem to appreciate them.

People always ask me “Are you advertising?” to which I reply (only to the women) “Are you offering?” I love the shirt because people don’t truly understand do they? I had to give my first one away…outgrew it (SWEEEEEET!)

Just my two cents’ worth here: This topic has come up before, and gotten pretty much the same “It’s not a major priority now” kind of response from the T-Mag staff. While I know that Biotest would rather concentrate on doing what they do best (making great supplements, etc.), I’d like to point out that EVERYONE buys gym wear. And personally, I’d much rather give my money to Biotest and have some cool workout duds than have it go to some other outfit (pun intended). Much like Bodz’ suggestion about a vitamin supplement, this would require virtually no development and could be a money-maker for Biotest/T-Mag right off the bat. Another similar idea would be a good workout log. I can never seem to find one that I really like…

Way to go Infinity!

And I agree 100% with Chris C.


The few times that I’ve worn my Testosterone T-shirt in public, it has gotten rave reviews. Other guys ask where I got it and say they think it’s cool. Women seem to look, then bow their heads. I only wish these things came in a Medium! I’m not ever going to fill out a large! And no, it’s not that type of thinking that is holding me back! It’s the fact that I’m only 5’4" and can’t expect to get huge enough to fill out one of those shirts just right!

And when I wear it to the gym, most people glance over and then look away. Some of the guys say, "Cool shirt, where did you get it?"

As for other clothes, I would love to get a tank top or some workout shorts. But make them in a Medium for us smaller Testosterone guys! And I agree with Johnathan. Don’t make those stupid stringy tank tops. Those things are the worst.

i still think u should make a black long sleeve shirt w/ “testosterone” running up one sleeve only(like a flame on a motorcycle/harley shirt)…no new screens needed …just put it on the sleeve toward the cuff…maybe make the one on the chest a bit smaller so te one on the sleeve can be the large one

How about some t-man jocks, boxers and muscle shirts?

I happent to work and work out at a “fitness center” and at first most people ran away as if I was caring a full syringe of this “god awful hormore”. But you know after 6 months and me actually being a nice guy I actually am now often referred as the testoterone guy by the 50+ crowd. Its always nice the way they say it but I wonder if the senility has just keeps them from remembering my name?

I’d like a T-Man toothbrush…

The company otproductions looks like it will customize black tank tops. Wonder if T-mag would mind if we snagged the logo on the front page and gave it a try. Anyone know of another company that will do black which doesn’t require a 24 minimum order?

You can go to customink and custom build it right online. You can even select a black tank top. I will try it right now.