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Testosterone Checked


about 6 months ago i had my testosterone checked came back 324. i have symptoms of low test.low energy, low sex drive, bad memory. im 20 years old. the dr said i was ok but. he said that test is a pulsating hormone that rises and falls all throughout the day and that sometimes its low.that seems reasonable but maybe you guys can give me a second opinion. i dont know what to do. my confidence in myself is way down and i feel i should do something like go to a new dr?


There are a lot of things that can effect your test.....sleep, diet, activity, etc. I would want to know more about your lifestyle before making any suggestions.


Thats why you get tested in the morning, when tt is high. My Endocrinologist gets pissed if I test after 10am.


in high school i took a supplement called andro for about a week and i started feeling bad so i stopped. after that the side effects were still there and didnt go away. i didnt go to my dr at that time because i was embarassed about the whole situation. and i had my levels tested at 8:30 am.


Looks good to me, you can either argue with your current Dr., switch Dr.s or get referred to endo. Endo will probably test you again, they like to test twice and you just need to pound on the symptoms and quality of life issues unless you get someone thats one the ball. Really this whole trt is kinda an unknown, not enough studies etc on the different tx..

What there is though is all positive so I have a problem with the so called specialist not getting it. You get tested at 8:30, the specialist will have a hard time arguing with that, next he will probably say is that your in range and you need to come back with your low normal and symptomatic.

I find it funny that raising peoples T to high normal lvls cures a host of symptoms that Dr. would rather attribute to something else, most common is depression or moodiness, and they ignore the fact that adjusting someones hormones fixes all that without the side effects these other so called tx. present.


do you guys know any drs in the bay area?


DR ROmeo mariano
Tell him hardasnais1973 referred you..


do you think i should check my T again before i go to dr mariano?


If he's like most Dr.s he'll want to test you himself, thats how they make money. Still I'd have your previous results. I'm on a plan and they still insisted on testing me every time I saw a new dr.. I think they were just hoping I'd score mid range once so they wouldn't have to tx. it.


i tried finding dr marianos email on google but couldnt find it. do you happen to know it hardasnails?




i emailed Dr Mariano and he has not answered me. i sent the email to info@definitivemind.com