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Testosterone Checked, Guidance?

Hi, I got blood work done…below is the report.

Age - 27
Height - 183cm
Weight - 73kg
Never drink or smoke

12 hours fasting, Blood drawn at 9 am.

Total testosterone - 385.96 (164-753 ng/dl )

T3 - 94 (60-200 ng/dl)
T4 - 7.6 (4.5-12 ng/dl)
TSH - 3.68 ( 0.3-5.5 uiu/ml)

Hba1c - 5%
Average glucose level - 97 mg/do

Total cholesterol - 191 ( 125-200 mg/dl )
HDL Direct - 33 ( 35-80 mg/dl )
LDL direct - 128 (85-130 mg/dl)
Triglycerides - 115 (25-200 mg/dl)
VLDL - 23 ( 5-40 mg/dl )
Non HDL - 157 ( <160 mg/dl)

25 OH Vitamin D Total - 44.33 ( 30-100 ng/dl) ( as I stay indoor most of the time, I started taking vitamin d3 5000iu for last 3 months, I assume it was insufficient as after 3 months of supplementation it’s 44).

B 12 - 250 (211-911 pg/ml ) I am non vegetarian, still it’s on the lower end, I have started 1500 mcg b12 methylcobalamin tablet.


  1. Unable to keep erection without stimulation, if I stop touching I loose erection in 10-30 seconds.( Been like this for over 10 years )
  2. Premature Ejaculation ( I can ejaculate in about a few strokes) ( For over 10 years )
  3. Almost no facial hairs, a bit moustache and and some on chin.
  4. Don’t feel very confident in social situations, stress and anxiety.
  5. Very long refractory period, if I ejaculate now, I need more than 12 hours to be ready again and over 24 hours to feel horny.

I’m single and almost virgin. I had a girl who I cuddled with… While cuddling I would get erection quite fast but just after sometime I get back to semi hard or loose it completely despite her being in my arms.

I wake up with erection few times a week but it’s not very hard just hard and as soon as I realise it I loose the erection.

I watch porn and masturbate a few times a week. ( Mostly 1-3 times a week ).

Is low T causing it?

I am also attaching screenshot of testosterone test, it has reference range for different age groups).

Thank You!

It would be interesting to see your free testosterone number.

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So what has your doc said? T is on the lower side, TSH is on the high side as are triglycerides. Were you fasted for this this blood draw? Meaning 12 hours with nothing but water?

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I am simply trying to add another POV that most do not mention because the obvious reasons are hormones, but that doesn’t always fix a man.

I know your situation is not the same as mine.but it sounds similar and maybe Sharing my solution can help.

You are saying exactly what I used to say. It doesn’t stay up without constant stimulation. Look up de sensitization and neuroplasticity.

Please try this: Stop trying to get an erection and stimulate. I had this issue at your age. I kept watching porn and trying to have sex with girls I’d meet. I would try something for a few days and then call my friend with benefits and give it a go. Or porn.keep in mind that The attraction was there.

it always worked but never awesome. I did notice that after a week it was better, but never waited longer than a week.It was half an erection and sometimes better. But nothing like it used to be.

Saw a urologist and They gave me T and it didn’t help. My t was low. it didn’t help.

After a couple or more years I found some knowledge and it said to stop all forms of stimulation for 60 days. Mastubration, looking at woman or anything sexual in nature. I also took gaba relaxer which helped with the brain repair. You might want to look into it.

Everything was fixed after a couple months of this. T was never going to fix me because of my behavior. I had to stop focusing on the problem and let it heal.

I also had to fix my diet . No more processed foods. Smoking marijuana. Alcohol. And sodas.

Just think about this in relation to your life and maybe it will be of help.

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Actually you are right about the tris. I was thinking 100 was the threshold but its 150. That being said TSH approaching upper limit.

Biggest suggestion stop stop stop masgurbating dude. It will help and you will see a big difference after 4 weeks. It will be hard but you have to give it time.

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Free T wasn’t in the package I opted, I’ll get it checked next time.

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I took these tests on my own, haven’t consulted a doc.

Well the 74 year old US president has a total T of 470 and your nearly 50 years his junior.

I never heard of this one before and started reading about it. It seems unclear whether it is even able to pass the blood brain barrier, but as always “more research is needed”…

I am actually aware about nofap movement, in 2017 I didn’t masturbate or ejaculated for 80 days, there has been several 10-15 days nofap streak but I couldn’t do it for long time. Even after 80 days my issues were not fixed, probably I need a lot more time. I am on day 9 this time hard more and hoping to go past 6 months.
Also, I wanted to see if any physiological issue hence this blood work.

I like the whole idea, but then I also wonder if you should not use something in order to keep it working. But I may simply not understand the mechanisms behind it.

From what I have read, it seems.

All these abstinence basically repairs the brain and dopamine receptors.

Real sex is allowed, it’s just the porn and masturbation which causes psychological erectile dysfunctions.

Yes, I fasted for about 12 hours. Blood was taken at 9am.

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Yes, I should be over 500 atleast.

Also I’m trying to understand,

Is T 385 in reference range 264-916( normal range most US labs) same as T 385 in reference range ( 164-753).
Does it mean if I was tested in a lab with reference range 264-916, my T would have been higher?

You should be scoring in the high normal ranges at your age closer to 800, insurance likely won’t offer TRT until you reach the cut off point of 300 ng/dL or lower, they do this to keep healthcare costs low. You can go private and get TRT easily. Free T is the true measure of the testosterone circulating in the blood as bioavailable, Total T is bound to SHBG and therefore useless.

Your thyroid is messed up also, TSH is terrible. There is also an argument that significant number of patients (up to 30%) with TSH above 3.0 mU/L have an occult autoimmune thyroid disease. Reverse T3 wasn’t tested and may explain high TSH, Reverse T3 blocks Free T3 therefore negating good Free T3 levels.

T3 is a measure of T3 over a longer period, Free T3 shows what’s going on at the cellular level.

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It could be both T, and waiting months without sexual activity to bring it back. Your T is low, but man your young do you really want to stay on T for 50 years? You need to find a doc that specializes in Hormone Therapy. Not a urologist or endocrinologist. They can read these symptoms and issues much better than anyone on this board. We can help you with simple things like whats the best protocol, or how certain medicines effect us and what not to do when starting TRT.

Your case needs some investigation and medical experience.

Ya not sure if it helped but i took it and the docs suggestions fixed me… so i cant say otherwise. He was a holistic type doc not a modern medicien pill dispenser.

What else did he suggest other than to not masturbate? I like the holistic approach.

A urologist and or endocrinologist typically do not specialize in sex hormones therapies and is why it’s so difficult to find a knowledgeable TRT doctor. These doctors typically prescribe protocols that are proven to not work well according to studies more than a decade old.

However if you have a thyroid problem and or diabetes, an endocrinologist is the correct type of doctor to seek out. Prostate issues or reproductive health, a urologist is the doctor to go to.

You need a referral for a good TRT doctor, we can help with that as well.