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Testosterone Causing TMJ Bruxism TMD?


Have you experienced jaw pain with Low Testosterone?

Back in September 2014 I started getting this lump feeling in my throat which then progressed into jaw pain, ear pain, neck stiffness, day time fatigue, depression and anxiety. The weird thing is my libido was never bad. I thought I had a normal libido and doctors would always say then don't worry about your low T levels.

What many doctors don't know is that you can have a semi-normal libido but will develop many other complications from low T. Low T is so misunderstood and a majority of doctors ignore testing or treating it. They will talk about how dangerous TRT is but so are the complication of having low T.

Now back to my jaw pain.....the muscles in my jaw are rock hard like I'm clenching at night and not giving them rest. I have tried numerous mouth guards while I sleep but nothing will relieve the jaw tension. I searched high and low for answers and all they could find was Low Testosterone, osteopenia of the spine, borderline low Vitamin D and mild sleep apnea. I

My T Doc said I have Osteopenia of the spine because of my low T levels not putting calcium where my body needs it. Testosterone is apparently responsible for putting calcium in our bones and muscles. This might explain why I have an borderline high serum calcium level because I don't have enough testosterone to properly utilize that calcium in my blood.

So apparently you can have a lot of calcium in your blood but it doesn't mean you have a lot in your bones and muscles. I have a DEXA bone density scan to find out I have osteopenia of the spine which is very serious.

My total testosterone level was 200 with the lowest of range being 240. My free level was 6.0 with the lowest level being 6.8. My levels barely went up to 259 after a month and half of Androgel. My doc switched me to testosterone cypionate injections (200mg) every three weeks. I will have to wait and see how that works.

Now what I have learned so far is that sleep apnea is a major cause of Low T. Mine was very mild but maybe with my poor eating and drinking habits and digestive issues it was enough to cause my low T. Also by the time I was tested I already lost a ton of weight and wasn't drinking alcohol anymore so my apnea may have improved.

My testosterone didn't naturally improve after fixing some of my bad habits. My Doc seems to think that once your levels are low they seem to stay low until you get TRT.

I believe that Testosterone protects against TMJ which is why women often get it more than men do. Testosterone also protects against stress and depression which could possibly be causing me to clench at night. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17360240

I also read that about a 1/3 of all people with sleep apnea clench at night. The problem with TRT is it also makes your sleep apnea worse. I can tell I'm sleep worse at night since starting TRT. I am going back for another sleep study to see how my apnea is and might need to try the CPAP or dental appliance to correct that issue.


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TRT makes snoring worse!

5000 - 10000 iu vit-D3
Vits K1, K2 - keeps calcium in bone and out of other soft tissues and blood vessels where it should not be
DHEA 25mg if DHEA-S below mid-range

Muscle tone/tightness:
This can be a magnesium deficiency. Purchase ZMA from this sites store.
fish oil caps, flax seed oil/meal, nuts
Do not be dehydrated
Maybe too much caffeine
maybe high hematocrit

Post labs with ranges:
LH/FSH from before TRT
prolactin if younger
PSA if +45
fT4 [please not T3, T4]