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Testosterone Boosts


As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm 45. I find putting on muscle is a very slow process at this point in my life. But I?m a newbie and will put into practice some of the things that I?ve read on this site and I?m sure I?ll make better progress.

But, that said, what I?m actually more interested in than putting on muscle ? and I realize the two often go hand in hand ? is testosterone. My opinion is that stuff is the difference between death and life when you?re middle aged. (I am very interested in putting on muscle, but the big T comes first imo?)

So, anyway, what I was really interested in are studies that compare or analyze the boosts in testosterone (and/or GH) of various forms of exercise (endurance, power, bodybuilding, etc. For example, I read that endurance athletes do have significant boosts in testosterone levels but that body builders have significantly more.

I?ve poked around on this site and don?t see any details on that. If anyone can tell me what to search on or where to look, I?ll start readin?!





I am just little younger, but same interest. After you read the above articles, you can search at the same pubmed site, and find numerous articles on growth hormone/testosterone response to exercise, but the ones above pretty much sums it up.

If you cant get to whole article, this and other studies its typically the 5 (just typical # studied) sets compound exercises using max weight for 6-10 reps (most use bench, leg press, squats, compound back deads etc.) that creates spurt in GH/Test. Can also get a response in growth hormone, but not test from high rep, low rest metabolic...this doesnt contradict heavy weight study if read whole thing.


If you find anything other than eating adequate protein, taking vit/mineral supplement for those things depleted under stress (like excercise) such as zinc/mag/cu, and getting good sleep...let me know (but only if its in literature via double blind and reputable non-biased study). I can show you multiple studies of supps/ herbs/some prohormones etc that have been proven in double blind studies to neither raise test nor GH nor enhance trained individuals performance.

And when you get to 60...somatastatin overwhelms the response and the only way to get increase test/Gh is by supplementing, ie injections usually.


A thousand thx for the articles. I can't wait to read them, but I'm at work right now and just noticed someone responded.

What did you mean by "this doesnt contradict heavy weight study if read whole thing."? Did you meant that it didn't contradict because only GH was increased?

One question about your post-60 assertion: what about a guy like Jack LaLanne that has a lot of bulk well into his 80's? I'd be curious on your take on that...


Just meant that both max weight 6-10 reps with large muscle groups and lower weight high reps (from metabolic drive) have been shown to produce increase GH...though I did not say it well.

After 60, the vast majority of subjects studied got a poor GH response to exercise. Doesnt follow that one cannot increase muscle mass or maintain it after 60, in fact studies show one can. But it does suggest its more difficult for the average person to do so (genetic exceptions aside). Not to mention slower healing from injury, increased risk injury, etc.

I am just hoping that by the time I get there, they have an oral safe drug that inhibits the natural increase of somatostatin as one ages, and thus (assuming the research is correct) allows a good GH response like a 30-40 year old. Or cheap rhGH. Since I intend to lift until I die, I would like to minimize diminishing returns with my efforts as I age.


Quick question: I feel that Nitro T3 has definitely made a difference when I've taken it and it's based on Tribulus and Avena if I remember right? But I realize it's just my opinion and it's somewhat subjective. You have any knowledge on that?


Really enjoyed the abstracts. Is it worth trying to order the article?

I think for my purposes I got the general ideas, i.e. 1) Don't do really long aerobics. 2) Medium term aerobics raises T and lowers C and 3) your takeaway points above.


Btw, why do you suppose that in paper #4 (I believe) the 2 min rest did so much better than the 5 minute. This whole study seemed counterintuitive and contradicting the other studies...





Second link says:
"No statistically significant changes were observed in basal hormone concentrations or in the profiles of acute hormonal responses during the entire 6-month experimental training period. The present study indicated that, within typical hypertrophic strength-training protocols used in the present study, the length of the recovery times between the sets (2 vs. 5 minutes) did not have an influence on the magnitude of acute hormonal and neuromuscular responses or long-term training adaptations in muscle strength and mass in previously strength-trained men."


Wow! Thx for the links.

Q though. The 2nd study was with young males - I'm 45 so they were young relatively - and the first study was probably the same. Isn't there a chance that someone with lower T, i.e. a middle aged guy - could get some benefit that a younger guy wouldn't? For example, I know that some medications will help those with certain medical conditions but will do nothing for a healthy individual. Let me know your take on that...


Gotcha. I appreciate very much the links btw!


They have done studies with middle aged men as well. Effects are independant of age. So unless your unique...

Androstenedione (prohormone just recenty banned) has been shown to increase free (bioactive) testosterone by 38%, thought simply by competing with testosterone for its binding with SHBG. But it also increases estradiol by 80-100%. One study combined this with herbs in 30-59 year olds. They postulated the majority of the effect was from androstenedione. But you could argue based on below study whether herbs played a role or not, the researches based on other studies, and probable mechanism, that it was all androstendione.



So from all you've seen Trib does not boost T, eh? That blows me away cuzz the pop press makes it sound exactly the opposite. I don't understand how they can promulgate it. Any idea where they're coming up with their claims??

Well, while I'm on a roll, what about the other popular herbs such as Avena Sativa? Eurycoma/Tongkat Ali? Horny Goat Weed?

And what about ZMA? You believe the hype on that?


Jack LaLanne is 91 and eats 50 supplements a day. According to a recent article I read he gets up at 5:30 every morning and works out for two hours (no details on his workouts).
If your collection of old Strength and Health magazines goes back far enough you'll see at least one shot of him on the cover. BTW, in his younger days he was a pretty competent Olympic lifter.


Trib boosts LH, in turn increasing endogenous T output. Eurycoma is great too. I had an older friend of mine try Vitrix and he said he felt like a young man again. I suggest you old farts try that out... it can't hurt.

Good luck!


I suggest doing some reading on this site about TRIBEX and Alpha Male. Specifically Cy Wilson's responses to similar questions.

For a Tribulus/Eurycoma supplement, you might check out Alpha Male from the product page on this site.


I agree with the older friend in the sense that I think that Trib/Eurycoma does make a difference. But, of course, I recognize that it could be a placebo effect or it could be other factors. One has to ask the question: why doesn't it produce results in the studies??


I'll look them up right now...


I am three weeks into using Carbolin 19 and would say that there is some benefit how much has yet to be seen.I will monitor the progress and let you know I can say post workout recovery is much quicker than prior to using it


Ditto. When I first tried Alpha Male, I got noticeably bigger within the first week, even though I was dieting at the time. Poundages went up as well. I've also used TRIBEX, and that works well too, although it takes (for me) about 3-4 weeks to start really noticing the difference. Good results, though.

Bottom line: check out Alpha Male. I've been really pleased with the results.