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Testosterone Boosting Supplements?

There are so many types of testosterone supplement out there. I don’t no which to choose. I dont want to really bulk up majorly just tone. I wondered if you guys would be able to suggest something.

I am currently taking MYOFFIENE which if you dont no is a testosterone inducing dietary supplement. Could you tell me of any other testosterone products to go with this or even replace it?

Go to the shop on this page (top left) and have a look at Alpha Male - read about it first though.

the 2 most widely known are Tribulus Terrestris and Tongkat Ali . Alpha Male contains both of these plus a few more (just like many other brands) .

in my opinion , it’s a waste of money to take a supplement that you’re not sure you respond to . not everyone responds to every supplement ; but every supplement manufacturer WILL tell you that theirs is the best .

so heres what you do…experiment . try a Trib only product for at least 6 months . cycle it on and off …see if you can tell any difference when not taking it . then do the same with a Tongkat product .

if you feel you respond favorably to both , then Alpha may be what you’re after . if Trib gives ya a good woody , but Tongkat does nothing for you , then why waste your money on a product that contains both ?


Cheers guys! couple more questions

Is it true that increasing testosterone levels can increase the bodies Estrogen. If so does Alpha Male prevent this from happening? (and how?)

Also is it a good idea to take Alpha Male together with what i am currently taking?
Heres the link- www.dietpilldiscounts.com/myoffeine.aspx
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