Testosterone Boosting Plant Extracts?

Hi to everyone,

I’m a Biology student in Engalnd, as well as a semi-pro rugby player - and as part of my MSc i’m looking into the possible T boosting /estrogen supressing effects of different plant extracts… I’m aware of some of the better known ones, e.g.:
Tribulus terrestris
Vitex agnus castus
Prunella vulgaris
‘‘Wild Oat’’ etc.

I just wondered what other natural T boosters you may have come across & in your opinion their efficacy???

Any input you could give would be great,
Cheers J

I haven’t had any success with tribulus.

I use cruciferous vegetables frequently, usually a pound of broccoli a day, while I’m dieting because they are known to block estrogen.

I’ve heard green tea is supposedly good for cleansing the system of xeno-estrogens.


Eurycoma longifolia or commonly known as “Tongkat Ali” seem to have an inhibitory effect on estrogen if I remembered correctly but not directly increasing free testosterone

I may be wrong but I don’t recall Yohimbe as having any effect on testosterone or estrogen. I believe the component of wild oats that you mention is Avena Sativa. I’ve seen a new product on the market called Testofen, which is supposed to boost testosterone but I know nothing about it nor have I ever used it.

You know i have heard some GREAT results from people using an AI (Aromotase Inhibitor) Resveretrol,Chrysin
Along with a nice high dose of “Nettle root Extract”

You are lowering Aromotase,estrogen and boosting your free test!!

I am just about to try it…

D-aspartic Acid - new but effective - I can actually feel the effects
LJ-100 (not taken simultaneously with DAA) - I can also feel the effects.
Zinc - rather hard to say because it’s conditional on a person being deficient (i believe many many ppl are not at optimal levels). It’s effects on T can be dramatic if a person is deficient.

Many ppl report higher test levels (and had blood work done to prove it) from taking Alpha Male, TRIBEX, or rez-v (not simultaneous)

With tribulus the source and handling of the materials is crucial. Many products are garbage, so the studies you see out there are hard to sift through. I believe Biotest did their own studies on this, and also as I said, many ppl have reported higher test levels from having blood work done before and after taking Biotest products.