Testosterone Boosting Experiment

Well thanks for your feedback. This is very interesting. I really appreciate people who make transparent and open minded experiments.

Good stuff, maybe keep going just tweak it. -take out the magnesium re diahrrea, maybe just 100grams and less frequent

Nipps is prob tribulus or DAA so cut out/cut way back on one of those

all that creatine can be harsh on some peoples stomach also, try krealkalyn just 3-5g

Plenty of those supplements cause side effects from a coarse mechanism to increase T. Your kidneys will not love filtering all this junk for a tiny chance of T increase.

I think the popular brands more or less chose the strongest OTC supplements, namely longjack and ashwagandha. I think some other substances work, except I do not know off the top of my head because they’re not worth the damage for such a small boost compared to real chemicals.

You cannot access clomid? Surely this would boost T in a simpler and more reliable way than these supps.

dude clomid… worst shit i ever take, made me feel like shit i was not even reconize myself. I wont suggest that for someone natural who only want a small boost.

Tribulus, DAA and others supplement like this work pretty good when using intelligently. this kind of use like he did was just stupid

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Well, I guess it would be more helpful for everyone if you shared your experience then with Tribulus, DAA and other supplements like this, instead of just insulting.
Thanks for sharing your experience with clomid though, at least you did that.

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The things that piss me off is that here in t-nation there is a pharma section. Alot of guys put what they did and are crying because they are not able to come back to normal because they did too much or too much of everything. Thats the same thing your doing with those supplements right now, too much of everything. Slow down do one thing at the time and see what it does to your body and listen to it.

DAA should be use for 12 days, 3,100 mg per day. Im using it empty stomach in the morning or before my workout. I like DAA but its not working for a long time. I did DAA alone and had a good kick. Next time i will do it, i will add a oestro control to see what it does.

Tribulus is my favorite one, look at the alpha male formula. This is perfect. Cycling it 5-2 monday to friday. 2 times per day. Empty stomach in the morning and before my workout. 1-2g per day.

When im doing things like tribulus, maca, eurycoma and nome them alls im always cycling it 5/2.

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Hi bigmax,

Some good advice. Tell me more about your cycling? Is there any theory or (bro-) science behind it? Your cycles seem (too) short to have any effect, correct me if I’m wrong?

I’ve heard similar broscience about adaptation, and yet great effect with cycling, but with 1 to 4 weeks on, and 1 to 4 weeks off. This re testosterone boosters.

You can read about the male alpha formula using the 5 days 2 days off split. I dont think its bro science. Biotest wrote about it

You can try to do more than 12 days with the DAA but you wont see any benefits

Thanks for this, bigmax! Looks solid then. Will investigate further (why it is so).

did you try something ?