Testosterone Boosting Diets

I read the post by the 13 year old wanting to boost testerosterone level through his diet, however I am 25 and I want to set up a diet that enhances T prodution, any tips would be very appreciated.

There are a couple of books on the topic…

For example Super “T” by Karlis Ullis et al., and Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigin. Or even the “Testosterone Advantage Plan” by Lou Schuler, et al.

And of course the “Anabolic Diet”.

For the most part, the advice you’re going to get is probably going to be along the lines of eat your fat, eat your protein, avoid sugar, and do heavy compound lifts at the gym.

Check out the Anabolic diet thread in this section of the forum.

Could you post the link to the thread of this “13 year old”??