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Testosterone Boosters Worth a Go?


Has any one used any test boosters with decent results? Improved well being, lean body mass gains, boners, etc, etc.. Would love to try one but don't really want to waste my money since money is tight. My supplement protocol is whey, waxy maize, and creatine so as you can see Im not the type to splurge on all the new and improved but would love to try a test booster if any have had luck with them. Every one can use more testosterone! Looking for a few straight up answers. Especially from guys like Bushido who are knowledgeable about ... everything.


I had another idea since answering your PM.

Since estrogen is the primary negative hormone for the HPTA, and since low E should increase T (slightly), then I would suggest trying to minimise E2 in the body.

2 cheap ays to approach this:

  1. Flax seed. The lignins will bind to E2, so that it cannot exert its effects.
  2. Vitamin C. Will deload the enzyme pathway responsible for E2 clearance, facilitating fater E2 metabolism and excretion.

IMO a far better 'natural' alternative to chemicals.



An understatement :slight_smile:

What dosages would you consider effective for the purpose of minimizing E2? (Or is this a more-is-better dose-dependent relationship, in which the side-effects of excess induce less harm than said benefit thereof?)


THANKS for the kind words, both!

Silver: 2000mg in 2 doses would be a minimum, increasing up to 6000mg depending on lifestyle and geographical location. Preferably with bioflavinoids to increase absorbtion.

For example, the higher doses would be intended to counter pollution and smoking-induced radical damage, as well as E2 clearance. So if you live in a city, or downwind of a city (as much as 20 miles), then the higher doses are appropriate IMO.



Great info! But are these dosage guidelines for the flax seed or vitamin C (I'm guessing vitamin C)? If it's just for the vitamin C, what would you recommend for the flax seed? Sorry if I'm just being a butt-tard with terrible reading comprehension skills.


Biotest RULES and thats no doubt has anyone tried Alpha Male? and if so what kind of results did you get? any decent feedback would be appreciated.


Ginger root, ginko, vitamin D.

Other than that your going to have to look at aromase inhibitors and dopamine agonists, neither of which is legal.

Low dose AI to decrease estrogen to low normal can boost test to about 4 times over normal.


Regarding the former, would Rez-V be adequate; and the latter, would MAO inhibitors have any effect? Or is there a vast difference in potency on both accounts with what I suggested and with what actually works?


No Rez-V is a supplement not a drug, and MAO inhibitors would only boost test if they affected reuptake of dopamine, dopamine goes up --- prolactin goes down.

Prolactin goes down = less supression of HPTA = more test.

Selegiline for example.

AI's are the effective way to do so, messing with dopamine agonists is somewhat...riskier.


In term's of AI's, would the suppression of E2 lead to eventually up-regulation of E2 after discontinuing AI's through, say, negative-feedback?

BTW thanks to you and BBB, I've learned a LOT about bio-mechanisms that have definitely enriched my understanding and appreciation of the human body for what it is...



The use of letro or other AI's, I use letro because it is so potent that VERY low doses are required and hence it is VERY cheap, at low doses to boost test and control estrogen was originally proposed to me by Bill Roberts, he in my opinion is the most knowledgeable poster in the steroid section.

There should be no estrogen rebound nor upregulation of estrogen receptors if done properly.

The trick is to bring estrogen to low normal, ideally E2 would be something close to 22pg/ml, instead of normal, drive it too low and you get low estrogen side effects, which personally I can tell you are horrible.

Muscle pain/weakness, muscles "deflate", lethargy, no sex drive, no erections, sand in the joints, cloudy thought process, etc.

Blood work is the only real way to find that sweet spot, but I simply experimented around till I found a dosage I liked, then had blood work done once after I held that dosage for quite some time to see where I was at.

Now I get blood work done a little after each finished PCT, so I keep track of my levels.

If your soft in the chest and upper arms areas, AI usage will have a dramatic effect, even when not on cycle I run letro, have been for over a year now, very inexpensive.


OK nut-hugger, here's the deal :wink:

Seriously though, AIs should always be tapered off, or yes, upregulation of E2 may occur. When erratic E2 happens, it can cuase all sorts of hard-to-fix issues. See it first hand with a highly educated friend. We are trying to sort him out, but even establishing a baseline is proving tricky.

We suspect the problem was caused by him following his dealers advice to use 2.5mg of letrozole per day - during PCT.



Thanks BBB and Westclock.

One more question, taking what WC wrote about finding a sweet spot on a long cycle of very low dose AI, and what you said about eventual tapering, how long could one go for? Is it just individual or is there some "established" standard in terms of duration or protocol.... maybe I should move this over to the other forum.

I only ask in preparation for when I hit 30 or can't sport a morning wood anymore, whichever comes first... I'm a long-term, big-picture kinda guy :wink:


One would do well to read this about mega-dosing Vitamin C or any other water soluble vitamins