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Testosterone Boosters, Supplements, and Sleep

Hi over the last few months I’ve used a variety of supplements and a mild T- booster and I’ve found that they made my sleep worse. This really supprised me - because a common ingredient in them has been zinc, which is great for sleep and testosterone.

Has anyone else had weird experiences like that?

In more detail:

I had taken ZMAs in my early twenties and seen good results. I am now 34 and tried them again - taking them before bed and they seemed to make me sleep worse. I stuck with them for about a month, and then gave up on them.

These pills had zma( magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide, zinc aspartate , zinc monomethiozone, pyrodoxine), vitamin B6 (7 mg) magnesium (300mg) and zinc (20 mg), and i was taking two a day.

I tried a mild testosterone booster for 10 days, and started to make gains, but had similar sleeping issues, so paused it 5 days ago.

These pills had D aspartic acid, fenugreek 33:1 extract, magnesium citrate, l -argenine zinc citrate, nettle 10:1 extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride.

Ideally as i was enjoying the gains I’d like to go back on the t booster- but i can’t see a way of making that work without fixing the sleep.

What sort of appreciable gains could you possibly observe in the span of 10 days?

My triceps got harder and the numbel of muscle ups i could do dramatically increased.

What is a dramatic increase in a 10 day span?

I feel you may be giving too much credit to your supplement here vs it’s power on your mind. The body is only going to add so much muscle so fast, even with the most anabolic substances and food in your system. 10 days is a VERY short timespan to observe a noticeable impact from such a supplement.

I had plateaued befoer i started taking them.

Then after i took them the numbers of muscle ups i was comfortable doing doubled. I went from being able to do one set of 5-8 on rings, with numbers on subsequent sets diminishing to 3 sets of 8 with relative ease.

I was pretty shocked by that.

Zinc can be a stimulant for some people. Alot of people using zinc pre bed sleep like shit .

When are you using your t booster ? Morning and pm ?

That makes sense - i was using the ZMAs right before bed, becausei’m used to that being the advice for them. I was using the t boosters in the morning - but maybe my body is weirdly sensative to zinc as a stimulant

Only use zinc in the morning with breakfast ! Use magnesium glycinate before bed

T booster am and pm not at night too

DAA no more than 12 days

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Placebo likely

I went back on the T -booster and struggled to sleep after it again. do you have any T - boosters you would recomend?

looking round I’m mainly seeing ones with Zinc and I’d like to try cutting out to see if that solves the problem.

I’ve enjoyed Biotest’s Alpha Male.

Oh yeah ! Alpha male !

Where you from ?

Could be magnesium -can give people 1/2 nightmares/crazy dreams

Anyway yeah x2 others try Alpha Male, its good stuff

Awesome - i will order some alpha male - I’m in the UK so its about twice as expensive.

Has anyone had any side effects? I don’t wnat to be in a situation where i pay double than only take 5 days worth of because it destroys my sleep.

If you follow the instructions on it, you shouldn’t be taking it anywhere near when you sleep, so it should be good. No negative sides. From talking with others and my own experiences, it seems like it makes it difficult to put on bodyfat. I’ve been upping my calories a bunch and I’m still staying lean.


Are you using 1 or 2 pills am pm ? Did you try both

I’ve kept the dosage at 2 each time.

Great; I’ve sent off my order - I also ordered tribex as it was 50% off and it’d be interesting to try it after i had cycled off alpha male

I’m not sure why you’d want to cycle off of it. It has Tribulus in it already.