Testosterone Boosters - Opinion

Hy there, im Danilo from Chile.
Ive been lifting for 3 years now and Ive went up like 20kg of muscle in these training years.
Ive taken supplements, almost every BSN product available (nitrix syntha-6, noXplode, cellmass) T bomb II, A-bomb. GH stack…ON Whey protein, AnimalPAK, AnimalSTAK, etc during this period…

But im really wondering which one REALLY helped me to get this phisique…
I want to know you opinion and experience with one that i want to try …about Methoxy and food partitioning…ISOSTAK from Universal Nutrition.
Has anybody tried it?

And what about T-bomb II? Is this tribulus-based supplement any good for you? Or what about AXIS?

Thank you in advance


Isostak is flavones and ecdy, neither of which have proven to be very effective so i wouldnt bother. trib-based stuff is good for a libido boost but thats about it.

i would look into one of two things…

BioForge by Biotivia - solid ingredient profile at proper doses, bloodwork to back it up

TestoPro+Stoked by Annabolic Innovations - together makes a great NH test booster