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Testosterone Booster with Ephedrine-Caffeine

hello guys i am new here, i just recently gotten back to working out again and seeking some sound advice, i recently just lost roughly 25 pounds of body fat while taking ephedrine and caffeine and which took me nearly a little over a month to achieve this, i wasn’t taking the e.c stack every day just two days here and two days days and at times three days on and two days off…

I had success with ephedrine back in 2001 when i was very obese at the age of 20, so i am no stranger to the stack, my concern is stacking a testosterone booster with e.c. stack, i recently just purchase a test booster supplement and again i had some excellent results from test boosters this past summer… I am seeking some advice on stacking these two, the test booster i have must be used before bed time and the e.c. stack i take twice a day ( 60mg ) two or three times a week any suggestion and advice is welcome… Cheers