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Testosterone Booster/Anti-Estrogen


Before I get to my question, I think I should preface it by telling you the genesis of the inquiry. Im 20 years old, and 11 months ago weighed 300lbs. I started working out and getting my life together and now weigh 175. However, Im still really soft and flabby. The main thing Im dealing with is storing excessive amounts of fat in the chest.

Is there is a product that boosts testosterone AND blocks estrogen? I see that M does from Biotest but its out of stock, and I wondered if there were others.

Will these even help with the fat storage around my chest? So much hard work has gone in to getting in shape, and its sucks to still be afraid of taking my shirt off. Thanks for the help!!


Hey Bro Check out Alpha Male right here. It is a mix Of T boosters and actives in M all in one. It is pretty much a mix of Biotest TRIBEX, M, and RED KAT.

How Tall are you?? 175 Id say now is the time to turn it around and make your emphasis on gaining Muscle that in itself will make you look a ton better. Unless you are say 5’6 or less. Then maybe a few lbs coulb be lost but still.

I am 6’ and was in the same situation as you got down to 175 VERY low BF. Been slowly packing it back on now for a couple years and am up to about 210 and look much better than prior and much more healthy as well.

Anyway check out Alpha Male its good Schit.

Hope that helps,

Good work on the weight loss! My suggestion would be Alpha Male as it works great. Also try a diet like T-Dawg 2.0 from here and follow it to a T. I don’t know your other stats/goals so I am not sure if 175 is where you want to be. Also “gorge on Broccoli” and use plenty Fish/Flax oil as Poliquin has recommanded for shrinking “man boobs.” Good luck


Thanks for the replies guys, I really appreciate it. I think I will give Alpha Male a go. As far as my stats, Im 5’6" on a good day. Ive been tubby or obese my whole life, so at the moment my main goal is to get thin, and have a decent physique, then I want to work on gaining muscle.



COOL keep it up and let us Know How it goes.