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Testosterone Bloodwork Clearance

Thanks bro

Since you already did 12 days, I’d do 6 weeks and then get bloods. It’s a difficult situation since running a short PCT would get your LH up but it won’t be out of your system so your LH could be too high. If you don’t PCT your LH could be near 0 even in 6 weeks which would make the doc suspicious or he would try to find a reason maybe.

You can probably “safely” take 10 mg EOD for a week or 2 of tamoxifen to get your LH up a bit and then go for bloods 3 weeks after that. Since you only took TRT dosages you could start the tamox right away. That would shorten it to 5 weeks and probably deliver the results you want.

If your in the USA you can also get labs done yourself with quest direct. It’s $70 for testosterone test. At least you can see where your at. You can also order the other 3 panels you referenced above. You pay out of pocket and they don’t send to your doc.
Either that or wait or roll the dice and just be honest with them. When I was first considering I was using UGL test at low dose and told them(my osteopathic doc) what/how often I was injecting and they did some bloodwork then calculated what they think my dose should be(shocker, 200mg/wk). That dose puts me a little above the top end but I tune it back a bit a few weeks prior to bloods by ordering my own labs ans then show up for doctor bloods right at the top of the range and they are fine as long as I am feeling good and everything else looks good.

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I’m just looking for the realistic bare minimum in order to get a prescription for it because I wanna get this out the way for my future cause I’m about to do a blast and plan on gaining about 20lbs and don’t wanna deal with this later and lose some of those gains, that’s why I’m doing it now but at the same time I don’t wanna lose much gains I have now and I can’t be acting like a bitch at my job cause of the low test

You could do one of the two:

  1. Wait 6-8 weeks, get bloods. Go to doc.

  2. Take Tamox at a very low dose like 10 mg every other day the upcoming week. Then stop, wait 4 weeks, get bloods.

Because you want two things:

Test must be low and LH shouldn’t be at zero. Both will accomplish that I think.


Thanks, but just wondering. What if I took test prop meanwhile the test e leaves the body?

Do you want to get a trt scrip or not? If not then by all means fuck around with prop. But if you want a real shot at a scrip then do what you need to do and be willing to sacrifice a few more weeks of feeling meh. Either you care about getting trt or you don’t.

Okay but what if you could actually take test prop and get away with it without a problem what’s so wrong about that? What if you don’t have to sacrifice much, Is that a bad thing to feel less like shit and lose less of your hard work. something that would be valuable information to know for any future reference.

Get away with what? If you’re trying to crash your TT to get an Rx then adding more test before going in isn’t gonna do that.

Maybe run a light SERM dose? Enough to raise LH a bit so it’s not zero. Keep TT low enough for an Rx? Trying to think outside of the box

For example when I stop Test-E for 6 weeks I take a low dose test prop until the 5th week? Both should be clear if the algorithm is correct.

You’re simply not getting it. Test levels aren’t what matter here. You’re going to get results that show LH and FSH that are unreadable because they are effectively zero. Even a halfway competent doctor will know what caused that.

Why bother, man? You obviously don’t really want legitimate trt here. Just keep running what you’re running and get blood work done periodically.


Here’s an idea. Tell them you’re already on TRT and just want to switch docs. I did with Defy and all they said they needed to confirm was that my LH was zero which it was. Even though I was legit on TRT through an endo they never asked a damn thing. Never asked for proof or who treated me etc. just a blood test to confirm I was already on Teatosterone. Should be same for you… no?


Okay cool Tital Medical is a TRT clinic so I think bloodwork is a requirement. I’m gonna call and ask

It will be but as I said tell the intake person you’re on TRT and looking to switch providers. If by chance they even ask who jsut tell them you’d not prefer to badmouth but are having a bad experience. They should test you and see your on testosterone and continue treatment. Just my theory but I’d bet money it works.

I just checked for grins and these guys are in Tampa. Same place as Defy. Why not just go to Defy?

That is vituallt identical to what I did when I first went to my provider. They just tested me and calced what they thought would be the appropriate dosage based on what I told them i was taking and my bloodwork.

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Dave Polumbo recommended Titan medical and it has more 5 star reviews than Defy

Well if that bombs you could use Defy as a back up at least! That’s who I started using after 5 years and two different other docs. I like them so far.

Defy medical is closer to my house so I’m gonna go there instead. Plus they’re open till 9! Do you vouch for it?

They’re pretty good. They are generous in what they allow and their pricing is lower than through my insurance via Endo or the other clinic I used to go to. I see Dr Caulkins.

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