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Testosterone Bloodwork Clearance

I am taking 150mg Test E a week. How many days after I stop pinning until my bloodwork starts to show tanked below normal test levels?

Below range? Maybe three weeks.

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Seriously? I thought half life was 4.5 days?

Yes seriously. Half life is closer to a week. 150mg will put most guys top of range and you want to show bottom 25%. Half life clearance after 3 weeks shows about 12.5% of the drug still in your system. Should read low but not necessarily suspiciously off. When Doc tests your FSH/LH though they will tell you’ve been taking external test.

It’s been 12 days since last pin and getting bloodwork. Gonna see what shows up.

What were your levels on 150mg?

What’s the goal of the blood work? Why do you need to be below range?

Idk never done bloodwork

Trying to get testosterone prescribed. You think my blood will be altered enough for this to happen?

No, you are probably at about 25% so 37.5 mg still in your system, that will put you in the reference range.

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Is your doc gonna test LH & FSH?

When they see LH <.01 and FSH <.01 they’ll know you were on exogenous testosterone and/or other steroids.

Is LH in one of these test?

  • Cholesterol Panel
  • Testosterone
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

No it isn’t

Its not, but ANY doc whos checking for hormone wellness is going to test FSH/LH as part of the male hormone panel. I don’t see anyway around that unless you find a legitimate pill mill of a doc. If you do… sounds like what you want anyway so no problem there.

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I’m going to show the results to Titan Medical hopefully I can get a prescription based on these certain test results after 12 days not pinning test e

If it’s a dubiously operating clinic maybe you get some but I think you’re just wasting money here.

If you go a clinic route just be honest with them. Tell them you’ve been taking x amount of test and just want to continue safely, blah blah, and you may not need to come off.

I changed from a doc to a clinic when he retired and told them the truth, they just kept me on my same dose, didn’t say anything negative about it

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Okay so I’m wasting my money. Let me do this the right way. Cancel the bloodwork and wait a couple weeks more?

Yes. Wait a couple weeks for the T to clear and then some weeks to at least get a bit of LH and FSH going. Then do the blood work. I’d say wait 6-8 weeks

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