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Testosterone Blood Work Results

I just recently got bloodwork drawn due to issues with erectile dysfunction for a while. The results are as follows:

Testosterone (total): 927.1 ng/dl (348-1197 ng/dl)

Testosterone (free): 142.6 ng/dl (40-250 ng/dl)

Dihydrotestosterone: 65 ng/dl (30-85 ng/dl)

Estradiol: 42.7 pg/dl (7-42.6 pg/dl) High


I have gained roughly 40 lbs from 170-208 in around 6 months. Most of it
was muscle mass since I have been able to maintain a six pack
throughout. The only issues i’ve had for the past year have been
fluctuating libido and erectile dysfunction. When I was 17 years old, my
testosterone was tested at 220 ng/dl when i had severe anxiety and
panic attacks that lasted 2 years. At that time, i was very fatigued and
tired all the time. This past year, my energy levels have skyrocketed
and i’ve packed on a lot of muscle. I don’t have much facial hair except
the chin/neck region, but my voice is very deep and shoulders broad (21
inches across). i have also been experiencing hair loss for the past 8
months. My diet is very high carbs and fats with relatively low protein.
I eat mainly grass fed beef and eggs with beef tallow, white rice, hot
sauce, avocado shakes with whole milk and sugar, mushrooms, spinach,
bananas, and occasionally peanut butter with dark chocolate for a snack.
Do you think the hair loss is due to higher dht or estradiol? Also,
would these estradiol levels be attributed to my ED?

Create a new threat in the trt section. Do you have any additional labs? The below is what we normally look for:

TT, FT, e2 (male sensitive), LH, FSH, TSH, ft4,ft3, rt3, cortisol, CBC.

Were you under a lot of stress when your T tested low?

Hair loss is primarily genetic but high DHT levels will speed hair loss in many.

Your e2 could certainly attribute to ed and lower libido. I feel better with my e2 between 20-30 pg/dl.

One more thing I want you to do is take your oral temperature for three days in a row twice per day.

Once before you even get out of bed, before you drink, talk etc.

A second time early afternoon making sure you haven’t recently eaten or drank anything.

Post those results.

You don’t happen to watch a lot of porn do you? By a lot I mean have you watched it since puberty and do you feel drawn to it everyday? Some have porn induced ED and need to abstain for up to a year to regain their erections and libido.


@Hostile is obsessed with people’s porn proclivities. I think he’s jealous.

However, the TRT forum would be a better posting place. I am curious though how you managed to gain forty pounds of muscle in six months, and how your T levels went up while eating [quote=“hurl3y4456, post:1, topic:219084”]
relatively low protein.

Inquiring minds want to know.

I ate relatively low protein due to the fact the excess protein leads to ammonia build up and hence compromises the function of the liver. The liver has a huge role in hormone balance and optimization. For this reason, I supplemented with L Choline. I also took zinc picolinate and magnesium prior to the test for muscle recovery purposes. My diet consists mainly of carbs and fats such as white rice, beef, eggs and beef tallow. I also drink a lot of pomegrante juice to boost circulation, which indirectly affects testosterone production. I also eat a lot of calories to prevent the onset of overtraining. Since implementing carbs, choline, and pomegrante concentrate into my diet, my energy and well being skyrocketed. Also, my facial hair started coming in much quicker. This all occured in December and onwards. Recently, I have experienced slight muscle fatigue and aching/popping joints, most likely due to higher e2 levels.

Aching joints is typically attributed to low e2.

Well this was all occuring when my e2 was 42.7 pg/ml. I was also experiencing very oily skin and hair loss. I only got 6 hours of sleep the day of the test, so i wonder if my testosterone would exceed 1000 ng/dl given I had 8 hours of sleep. This is definitely too high naturally to maintain decent e2 levels IMO

I will choke you. Choke you to death

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I’m not saying that your e2 wasnt high or that you had aching joints. I’m saying the aching joints wasn’t because of your e2. Low e2 causes aching joints and your e2 was high. Oily skin is usually due high DHT levels in men. I agree that your e2 probably needs to be managed and an AI would be a good place to start like arimidex/anastrazole but I’m still confused about your previous labs.

You also didn’t answer any of my previous questions in my first post.

Yes, I was under constant stress at the time. It was mainly caused by my OCD tendencies, and I was worrying all the time. During the time I tested at 220 ng/dl, I was weight lifting and eating too much protein thinking it would help promote more muscle mass. I ended up testing two weeks later using bulgarian tribulus and the result was 383 ng/dl. I was definitely more irritable and lacked energy/confidence during this time. Now, I am very calm, laid back and more confident. It wasn’t until I read about the benefits of sunbathing on testosterone that I started feeling much better. A few years back in the summer, I decided to expose my chest and back for 1 hour daily in 100 degrees weather (Texas). During this time, I experienced a huge boost in libido and erection quality. I was also in my prime physical shape. This past week I have been doing the same routine as far as sunbathing, and once again my libido increased drastically. I believe sunlight is the key to keeping optimal testosterone. As far as porn in concerned, I have diminished the frequency from 2-3 times a day (13-16 years old) to 1-2/week currently. I agree with you on the relationship between porn and ED, and plan on stopping soon.

You didn’t do this with a T value of 921 ng/dl, drug free. For natural lifters with good genetics, it will take years, up to a decade for some, to build 40 pounds of muscle, let alone what can happen in six months, which is not much, except for the first six months of training, and that’s taking into account that a beginner it so dedicated that he does things ideally, which most don’t do.

How old are you? Men bald at some point in their lives, and some do rapidly once they start to. [

These values are in the normal range, so no. But then again, I am not an expert on baldness.

Your estradiol value is normal. There are many men who are just fine with an estradiol value of 50 or below, including myself. I’ve tested at 45 to 50 and I’m fine. This obsession with estradiol needing to be in the 20’s is just that, obsession.

You’re T cannot be too high naturally, unless you have some endocrinological conditions that with which we are unfamiliar.

Dude, I don’t mean to be condescending but you sound awfully hypochondriacal!

  1. All your values are normal. They show no signs of any disorder. If you’re concerned about disorders, take a yearly physical examination and/or do more blood testing.

  2. Energy levels fluctuate from day to day, or even from one timeframe to another. You’re not a bionic man or a machine, and none of us are! Anyone here have a bad day, or even a few bad days in a row in regards to motivation, fatigue, and energy levels?

  3. Men lose hair. Get over it!

  4. Sunbathing does not raise T values to any significant degree, if at all!

  5. There’s no special food or special diet with a specific macronutrient allotment that significantly alters testosterone levels. None!

  6. People with intact kidneys do not have to restrict protein. Excess protein eaten but not used for protein synthesis is used for energy.

  7. People who work out intensely, even with good form and warming up and stretching and all of that, will experience achy joints and other ailments at times.

  8. Sex drive fluctuates, even with normal hormonal values, sometimes on a daily basis, or even for a longer period of time. It depends on the state of the body and mind.

I highly doubt, from what you’re telling us, that you have any health issues at all.

I’m not sure how much muscle mass I gained relative to fat/water gains, however, I did jump from 170-208 in 6 months. I recently checked my body fat percentage, and i’m at 10.8%. Therefore, I couldn’t have gained much fat. Also, I don’t retain water very well being very chiseled. If I get 8 hours of sleep, my test levels could very well been over 1000+ ng/dl, which explains why I can eat 4000+ calories and still lose body fat given that I’m somewhat active. I am OCD, which is why I can obsess about such issues to an extreme. You say sunbathing insignificantly raises testosterone if at all. Well, there was a thread where one guy increased his testosterone from mid 200’s to 800’s through sunbathing and diet. He stated that his overall well being increased during the summer months and went into depression sometime in November. These are the only variables he changed. Therefore, sunlight must have a significant effect here. This also explains why pregnancy rates are highest in summer. Also, you must be deficient in vitamin D to begin with to yield such an effect since vitamin D helps your body utilize cholesterol more efficiently. Thus, someone who isn’t deficient in vitamin D may not yield a significant increase in testosterone from sunbathing. Micronutrients definitely affect testosterone. I had a huge surge in energy, libido and facial hair growth by taking a organic, whole food multivitamin. For instance, zinc lowers aromatase and hence can help decrease E2 levels given that you’re deficient. B vitamins reduce stress hormones and counteract cortisol. Since there is an inverse relationship between cortisol and testosterone, it makes sense that b vitamin intake can yeild positive results for maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Also, how do you think my testosterone increased from 221-927 from the age of 18 to 25?

Then you are one unique individual, a freak amongst millions upon millions of people.

A value of 1000 does not make you a mutant, and if you are not gaining fat on 4,000+ calories by being somewhat active, then, again, you are highly unique.

Why not use such focus for more useful things? [quote=“hurl3y4456, post:12, topic:219084”]

You say sunbathing insignificantly raises testosterone if at all. Well, there was a thread where one guy increased his testosterone from mid 200’s to 800’s through sunbathing and diet. He stated that his overall well being increased during the summer months and went into depression sometime in November. These are the only variables he changed.

I don’t know what to make of this without getting more detail on this particular man’s situation. I still don’t believe that sunbathing brings men from hypogonadal values to high normal values.

What about the other habits of people in the summer? It could be a variety of factors as to why there are more pregnancies during summer, one of them being that people are scantily clad, have more fun, go on more vacations, and so on, and in all this, fornicate more.

A proper diet without a multi-vitamin can have one with normal functioning just fine. I highly doubt you grew a thicker beard because you took a multivitamin. There are starved people who still grow facial hair.

Look, if you want to fret over all this shit, that’s fine. People do just fine eating meat, vegetables, fruits, tubers, grains, nuts, and dairy products with no supplements, most of which don’t do a damn thing.

Perhaps puberty did not end in your teenage years. Who knows? I don’t.

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I value your opinions and do not have enough understanding and feel of different E2 levels but this sounds like you’ve taken a leaf out of an old endo’s book. We have discussed this before and you agree normal is not normal for someone else. So what we apply to T, we can apply to E as well. His E2 is high.

There are also many men who feel fine with low T and you and me are not one of them so it’s important to not just go with the “normal range is right” thing. Though i do agree on some of your other points.

Your E2 is high and your T:FT ratio is not the best, so you may have higher than optimal SHBG. If you systematically reduce E2, you will reduce SHBG and increase FT. This will make you feel better, i would think.

I actually assumed mt e2 levels were high before the test was taken, so I supplemented with zinc picolinate. What would you suggest to lower e2 levels in my case? I know boron may potentially help, but the study used a small sample size.

Doubt the efficacy of supplements. You can use low dose anastrozole in EOD doses.

When I first started TRT my doctor told me to take grapeseed extract to lower E2. I don’t know if it works, my E2 seems to always be low, but it might be worth a try.

IF your E2 is high, what are you symptoms of high E2?

Is E2 would be considered high normal by my doc (and yes, I know, docs are not gods). Anyway, he didn’t state any symptoms of E2 aside from fatigue, which can be caused by a number of things. My doc only gives AI’s to those with symptoms AND abnormal lab results (for E2).